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  1. I tried to get a fitting and it threw an error on the shaft weight (it looked like). I tried to run through the questions again and got the same result. Now I have purchases listed in my billing tab, but haven't seen any clubs still. I've gone through the help link/contact email and nothing...
  2. Jordon, Arkansas 9.1 Callaway XR 16 9.5 / Fujikura Speeder Evolution II TS 665 Graphite 98mph 240 carry Henrik Stenson
  3. - 100 rounds a year - Current Handicap: 9.2 - Odyssey Versa #9 33"
  4. Jordon / Arkansas 13 I have trouble with flipping at impact. I would try it out in hopes that it could force me to get my weight over to my left side and stop flipping through impact.
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