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  1. Tim Ellan North Vancouver BC Handicap 22 I've been using the Tourstriker 7 iron training club and would be interested in seeing how it matches ip with the DST.
  2. I've been reading Golf Spy for 4 years ago when I worked briefly at Golftown in North Vancouver BC when it first opened. An avid golfer, I'm also a big Cobra fan. I'm 62, officially unemployed and try to get out whenever possible. I play on public courses. My wife and I have a house in Buckeye AZ and when there golf at our local course which is Sundance Golf Course. It would be nice to get another set of Cobra irons!😄⛳️🏌🌵☀️
  3. Tim British Columbia Currently I have got 3 sets of Cobras S9s, Biocell and Fly-Z+! Handicap 18
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