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  1. James Trichter florida Swing speed 100 Handicap 4.3 2016 m1 8.5* shaft oban hashimoto stiff G 400 LS tech
  2. James from Florida Driver: 2016 taylormade M1. 3 wood: taylormade aeroburner. 3 hybrid: titiest 716 4 iron: 716 TMB. 5-pw: 716 titles cb. Wedges: SM6 hokey 54* and 58* Putter: taylormade red spider no sightline. Testing 2 hybrid or 5 wood undecided???? Handicap 4.3 GHIN Goals: Beat old man par more often and understand my game more. Both probably go hand in hand??
  3. Tier 1: Justin Thomas Tier 2: Matt Kuchar Tier 3: Si Woo Kim Tier 4: Bryson DeChambeau Tier 5: Brooks Koepka Winning score: -13 Low Amateur: even par
  4. James Trichter Florida 5 Titleist 716 CB Strength is accuracy weakness is I could use more distance.
  5. Ok so if DJ and Rahm both lose then its will be a 3 way tie at the top!!! Could easily happen!!!
  6. Last day and still a few guys who can win this, sorry just noticed I have two entries (jamestrichter), they are both the same had issue with wifi when entering . Thanks Jason for being on the ball and starting this. Tours need to do more of this format, has been some exciting golf and guys going for shots more than in a four day tournament. Good Luck everyone.
  7. Forgot to change my line up for this week, luckily I ended up with guys making the cut and not doing to bad but will give up my challenge for the lead of group 4. Just noticed there isn't anything for the Match play next week?? I'll be filling out brackets in all the other platforms, is my gollf spy doing anything for the Match play??
  8. How do we see where we rank against the whole group for the full year? I can go into my groups total points but can't see how I rank against all of the other groups. Because there is just one prize for the all the groups per segment and the end of the year not one per group correct?? If I has just put Charles Howell in for one round I might have come close this week. Think the bonus would have put me in first. F#$% FANTASY!!! It's my football season all over again.
  9. Same here, won't get us anything polishing the pine. What a way to follow up a win. Did you put him in today for the second round?? I left him out again. Stroke of genius or I'm just a moron. We will see.
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