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  1. My commuting car is a2015 leaf. Am I the only forum member who went electric? Sent from my A0001 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  2. I have been reading on the Snell MTB for a while with a lot of interest, but being from Canada, shipping + duties + exchange rate made it too expensive. But now that they have launch snellgolfcanada.com, I might pull the trigger. I have them on my short list with the Bridgestone 330RX and RXS, the Chrome Soft another shot at the ProV1 (found three one hit wonders during my last round) and whatever mint condition premium balls I may find in those egg's crate on the hood of the salesman car. I'm almost as excited as a kid on the morning of an Easter egg hunt.
  3. Second session - with flightscope For this session, Les had prepared 3 different Wishon iron heads. Two on TrueTemper DG R300 HL and one on a classic DG R300. I did not want to biased by the heads so I asked him not to tell me which one is which. First off: the 979SS with the HL shaft - after a dozen of hits, we both know that this is not a right combo for me. While I'm back to a more decent swing speed (for me) of about 75 mph with an 8 iron, the smash factor is slightly over 1.30, the spin is way to high and distance, according to the flightscope is abnormally short. Feeling wis
  4. Louis, Gatineau Qc HCP 15.7 Current driver is a TM R1, stock 65g Aldila Rip Phenom TP stiff shaft Swing speed: 92 - 95 mph with the occasional 105 Sent from my A0001 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  5. Thanks for the insights. There is a guy selling lost golf balls from the hood of his car near my place. He gets most of his balls from the woods surrounding a higher end golf course so he often has the good stuff for cheap. Will attempt to get some sort of tester pack and put then through an extensive test. I like your idea of starting from the green and gradually getting farther. Sent from my A0001 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  6. I've been gaming the TM tp red ldp for years and i'm now almost out. While i tried other balls hère and there, i always went back to my love affaire with the tp red. Goldielock syndrome :"they feel just right" Interested in your methodology in your quest to find the perfect ball. Anyone who played the tp red ldp and has some recommandations? Sent from my A0001 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  7. Congrats to all testers. Looking forward to read about your findings. I for one is searching for my new go to ball... Sent from my A0001 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  8. First off, I am a recovering club ho. My addiction started many years back when I was playing daily in my quest to single digit (got close, but no cigars) and believed in the holy grail. Being a broke student at the time, I was "hunting" on the BST of various forums and experimented with a bunch of heads and shaft combos. all of the club work in my father in law's shed. From blades, to super GI I've tried all type of heads and shafts from Project X to KBS Tour. I finally settled for Wilson Ci7 (.370 heads) shafted in my .355 KBS Tour with brass shims. That was in 2009. Hyperdrive to 20
  9. I don't remember where and when I red that, but when I decided to get back in the game, I re-griped all my clubs with smaller grip. I went to 2-3 extra tape to none. I don't believe it help one bit. I actually realized that a fair number of my bad shots were due to griping the club too hard... I'm in the process of being professionally fitted for the first time and one of the first thing the club fitter said when he saw my slim grip was:"show me your hand"... and then "this is wrong, you definitely need bigger grips..." In short, based on my experience: anecdotal. Glad I experiment
  10. I fully agree, up until last year I was gaming a 2007 head (Integra Disuka) with a 2009 shaft (SynerG first article - may have been the first and last article of that conpany i never heard off again despite attracting a few PGA tour guys). Bought a used R1 last year just to get more loft to compensate for my slower swing speed. Paid $125 cdn (like $50 usd these days lol). For me it is long and accurate. Will see how it Will hold up today during my fitting session with a launch monitor Sent from my A0001 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  11. Personally i would stay clear of 5brs Energy and any type of Energy drinks. The high level of caffein and other chemicals could make you jittery and have many unwanted side effects on your game (saw it affect distance control, bad case of putting jitters, decision making ...)Dark chocolat and raisins with water are a good alternative.- Sent from my A0001 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  12. Hi everyone, I'm a long time reader but fairly new member to MGS. Due to various factors, I've been playing golf on and off for a bit over 20 years. Started in High School after a football injury (I use to think golf was for hmm hmm not for me) - until an highly respected athlete introduce me to this great sport. First pause from 1999 to 2003 when I lived and worked in Europe. Then met a girl who is now my lovely wife who happened to live near a municipal 9 hole. Beacame a member, start playing everyday and was clearly addicted. I was also a self confess club ho. Was still young
  13. Driver Swing Speed 95 -105 Handicap- 15.7 Current Ball- TaylorMade TP Red LDP (only have 3 left) - looking for replacement. Look for: I look for spin off my irons and wedges. Extra distance is a plus. Needs to feel good of the putter
  14. Being from Quebec, I've only played Ontario courses in and around Ottawa. Here is my top 3 after having played maybe only around 10 different courses in Ottawa: 1- The Marches 2- Kanata 3- GreyHawk That said, I truly believe that Nation Golf Course in Curran, On is a little gem. Very affordable and fun to play. There is also a lot of good golf on the Quebec side. That would be for another thread if there is interest, lmk. (Waiting for the question: where is Quebec? - lol)
  15. Thank for sharing this description. I have the same thoughts when i was cleaning my (forgotten) stash of club heads and found my old TaylorMade Tour Preferred 1 and 2 irons. Tried to play them for a while in my younger days. Horrible... the worst is that i was so happy to find those in my basement that for a minute I start thinking I should shaft them with HL graphite shaft. Nope not going there (again) - no confidence! On a side note, i'm doing a club fitting and the only club beside the wedges the fitter advise on keeping as is, is my thrusty MP FliHi 4 iron. When hé saw my older Sonar
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