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  1. Kent Barre Vermont Garmin s2 I phone apps (golfshot) S2 and bushnell V4 right now. Mountain courses here in Vermont I think this watch would be a good test.
  2. Kent Vermont the courses will be open just in time 8.2 Ping G15 175
  3. Kent/ Vermont Handicap 8.5 Current iron Ping G15 Carry distance 175 Its time for an upgrade but I do love these old irons.
  4. Kent Vermont Ping G15 steel stiff 160 Best time of the year for us Northeast guys to get in on your tests!
  5. 1. Kent Montpelier VT 2. Ping G15 stiff stock shaft 3. 10 4. CBX irons. Been playing the wedges and would love to give the irons a test drive.
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