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  1. My friend is letting me borrow his and at this point, I'm pretty sure I'm talking him out of it or getting one of the new versions. I have last year's RX3 in the bag. I put in a quick 9 this morning and my lag putting was phenomenal. Anything inside 10 feet, I felt confident that ball was going in or burning the hole. Pros: The self-fit lie angle is phenomenal. Super easy. Forgiveness. If you have a imperfect stroke, the club lets you get away with it. Weight customization. Sometime this week I'll spend a full session on the practice green getting this locked in. Cons: The sound doesn't thrill me 100%, hard to put a finger on why. At this point the performance is worth it. Customization options: if you're a fiddler, the weight options in particular could be a rabbit hole. Looks. I'm swinging a black one and it is sleek, like a WWII tank. I actually like the bright blue one, but I might be a bit unconventional.
  2. Hey Everyone, Long time lurker, been reading the MyGolfSpy site for a few years now. I currently play to an 18ish, and am just getting back into the game after a few years off - as evidenced by the last set of irons I purchased was in 2006. Replacing those are at the top of my list. Looking forward to getting involved and chatting! ~Dan
  3. Dan, California, USofA '06 Big Bertha's +1", +2 upright, Uniflex 18 & trending up
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