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    Dear friends:
    I have been searching for new ways and approaches to golf which will make golf swing easier and consistent and forgiving.

    Be Simple and Consistent.
    Keep Basics.
    Be more forgiving.
    Be in Total Control.

    Golf Swing Total Control

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  1. Hello Bizzle87: Welcome to the world of Golf! I have been playing golf for almost 30 years and I am still researching and learning and improving a little bit at a time. I finally wrote my own golfStrggle.com to share I have been learning among fellow golfers. We,Golfers do struggle, but we do make a improvement and get a lot of fun and joy! First, we have to master some basics and fundamentals for playing a fairly decent golf game such as: Grip, swing plane (extremely important), swing path, very calm swing with enough power, back swing to the top and to down-swing to contact to extension to finish... Entire journey of whole swing - start to end... It should not be that difficult, but if you want to play a consistent mid 80's or low 80's, Yes that would be difficult. Again, please spend some time and quality time on the basics, get sound posture, break down whole golf swing into some components. Just banging and banging at driving range will not (WILL NOT) help! Golf is the wonderful game of sport, and I really think this is one of the best sport because it requires a constant thinking and analysis. And it requires patience. I hope you will improve your golf swing a lot in this season, and keep plugging!! Thanks.
  2. Hello MaxEntropy, I would say that do not go with Flatter swing plane. There is a golf swing called Vertical Drop and Pendulum swing. This swing will produce a lot more accurate and straight shot and it will be easier to contact the blade and ball in square and straight. Please search for Vertical drop/pendulum in Youtube or see article I wrote in my recent golf blog, golfstruggle.com. I hope you can find some good help from those materials. Thanks.
  3. This is a great question I have been struggling upon, the distance between ball and iron blade. I prefer the top picture, leaving some distances because of natural body swift when doing full swing. Moe Norman put even more distances for both Drive and iron shot as seen in GolfSpy Stroker's post. I actually wrote the blog regarding this issue in my recent golf blog in golfstruggle.com, and I am glad to find the golfer who has the same kind of mind set or concern. I will play and practice with some distance. It works! Thanks.
  4. Dear friends in Golf: I think right shoulder will be way down compared to left shoulder. This will promote a solid ball striking, And this is just a natrual way when we reach the contact point and hit the ball. Down. I'd like to recommend that right shoulder be down from the addressing. Drop the right shoulder, and a lot of good things will happen. Thanks.
  5. Hello all: There is a product called 'Swing Shot'. it seems to be easy/fast to use it in the course without worrying about delaying the game. You can record and review it for the improvement. Google it or check my blog. Thanks.
  6. Hello all: I count numers. One.... Two.. Three! At addressing, I cound one for a while until I am really ready to take a back swing. With number two I start backswing and reach at the top of back swing. So, number two still consumes a bit of time. Now, then, with number three I execute downswing and hit the ball all the way to finish. Thanks.
  7. Hello friends in Golf: I firmly believe a golf is such a fun and cool game. I really love to think and play and talk about Golf. I have played for past over 30 years, and I hope we can share our ideas and experiences in game of golf. I strongly support One Plane Golf Swing because I think Swing Plane would be the most important element for a great ball striking. Thanks, and have a great day!
  8. Dear Friends in Golf: I am a avid golfer from a beautiful state MI. I am also a single plane golfer. Moe Norman is a one of key persons in the idea of One Plane golf swing as mentioned by Kenny B. Please watch a new pro Bryson Dechambeau, and he is using a One Plane. I personally think that One Plane swing is really the way to go because it solves so many problems. I am glad to find this discussion thread in this forum. Please check my bolg and ebook to find out more, where I studied and investigated a lot regarding One Plane swing. Thanks!
  9. Dear Friends in Golf: It is such a great feeling to go out and hit the ball toward the green surrounded by green and green fair way. It is such a fresh and wonderful view. It would be even greater if we hit a golf ball straight and crispy every time we pick up the club. No stress but only joy. But unfortunately that is not true for most of us. We can make great shots for several holes, but we can get into troubles for some holes. One day we strike ball amazingly well, but next day we don't, and we don't know why we hit a ball very well and why we did poorly. Sounds familiar? Check ebook in Kindle - Golf Swing Total Control! I have gone through pretty much of these experiences for past over 30 years, and I always try to come up a better and easier way to play golf. I think I finally come to the idea that will lead to a great ball striking. The ideas in this book may not be totally new, but I am presenting those ideas from my own perspectives. Be Simple and Consistent. Keep Basics. Be more forgiving. Be in Total Control. I am presenting Grip itself, new way of Griping using two fingers. I am also advocating Swing Plane, One Plane. I am also encouraging more of Lateral movement, not abrupt Rotational movement. Now, we need to understand Physics. We have to apply and understand Physics. We know that we are dealing with contact and movement – club head, club face, ball, body, hands and feet. Direction of incoming club head before contacting the ball and direction of outgoing club head after the impact and angle of club face at impact will be really crucial for a straight ball fly. Yet, I think we can simplify all these elements for the great ball striking. Now, are you ready for looking into more details? I sincerely hope this book will help improve your game of golf, quiet honestly, dramatically and simply. Thanks. Visit Golf Swing Total Control - Less Strokes More Fun with New Approaches Other insightful blog: golfSruggle.com
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