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  2. Thanks for the reply. So, if the power player should play a softer ball....what type of ball should a Senior player with 80 mph driver speed play? I may be thinking too hard... John
  3. Hi Guys: Love the site. Was reading the 'Ball Review" article.... Isn't this phrase in the article backwards? "We get that some of you love soft feel, but the reality is that the only golfers likely to see real performance benefits from low compression balls are high speed, high spin players. That’s probably not you." Keep it straight. John
  4. Hello-Entering the MIZUNO Test Sweepstakes: John South Carolina Callaway X-Hot N415 10.5 Grafalloy PeoLaunch Axis 60R Swing Speed: 80 Thanks. P.S. My Irons are JPX-800's
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