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  1. I have been playing the TS3 for about a month and a half. Love it and get noticeably longer distance. Let me step back to my Titleist fitting. I took my old driver with me for a direct comparison. Old driver is a R11s to out to 47". With the TS3 my club head speed increased by 7 mph. My ball spin dropped from about 4,500 to 1,900. Ball flight is perfect. I even gained directional control.
  2. 1. First name and city/state Steve. The Villages, Florida 2. Handicap 14 3. Current Wedges Volke 4. Your desired set/l Wedges are 58, 54, 50, 46 All are +1 I play about 150 rounds a year
  3. Steve I play the R11s TP set to 7.5 degrees with a shaft length of 47" regular flex Driver head speed 105 Loving the life here in The Villages Florida. I am limited to only 4 rounds a week (LOL). Please add me to the cast of hundreds that want to be part of the free test. Thanks
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