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  1. Your first name and home state/province: Jeff/CA Current handicap/avg score: 16/87.9 Have you ever gamed Wilson irons? If so, which set?: No What is your current iron set?: Adams XTD R-flex
  2. Jeff, CA 16 Callaway Xhot 2, R-flex stock shaft (RH) ~95, 230-240 yards Stuart Appleby (Had a pint with him at St. Andrews in a pub, 2005)
  3. Jeff CA 16 Callaway XHot 2 R-flex Swing speed = ?? 230-240 yards Stuart Appleby (Had a pint with him in a pub, St. Andrews 2005!!)
  4. Jeff M. Sacramento CA, USA 16 Handicap Adams XTD irons
  5. first name: Jeff home state: CA driver swing speed: 90-100 current driver/shaft/flex: Callaway Golf X2 Hot set to 10 degrees, stock shaft (R-flex)
  6. Hi, I'm just too geeky about golf technology. Home club builder that does free work for friends and family in Sacramento, CA.
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