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  1. I am currently using a Cobra F9, with 9.5, with 60 Stiff flex. I normal use Titleist Driver, I switch this year do to price. I have golf now for 32 years, I am 5 handicap, Playing over 100 rounds a year on various golf courses. I would love to be selected to test the driver.
  2. my first set of good irons where Ben Hogan apex in 1994. I love to try these new irons I currently have Callaway Apex 4 thru PW Project X 5.5 3 degree upright Oversize grips Handicap is 5.6
  3. 1. Your first name and home state or province Jeff, Wisconsin 2. Your current set makeup Titleist Driver D3, 70 gram shaft, 1 degree upright, D3 swing weight Taylormade 3W, 60 gram shaft, standard length 4 - PW Callaway X irons with 5.5 project X shafts, 3 degree upright 50 degree with 12 bounce, 58 degree with 8 Bounce Titleist SM6 vokey wedges All the grips are 2 over lap grip tape with golf pride grips 3. Your current handicap 6 Handicap 4. Your goals for the 2018 golf season Win the Chippewa Valley Golf Association Flight Shot in the 69 Play 100 rounds this year
  4. Jeff, Wisconsin 4.5 High Spin Brigestone B300 RX Thank you for considering me for testing this product Jeff
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