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  1. Tier 1: Jordan Spieth Tier 2: Chark Schwartzel Tier 3: Charley Hoffman Tier 4: Bryson DeChambeau Tier 5: Ian Poulter Winning score: -11 Low Am: +5
  2. Juan Gonzalez Concord California (don't judge me!!!) Handicap is 8 (driving range I'm a scratch and in my dreams I'm plus 2) The longest iron is 4 iron ( I'm very comfortable and confident the ball will land nowhere near my target)
  3. Short answer, don't be a dumb a$$, you can't buy GAME. If you spent $500 on a driver because it supposed to help you be longer and straighter, I have wood tee's design to make you hit the ball pure every time for the cost of $50 per dozen. Oh yeah, don't spent money in lessons if you are not going to practice constantly what the coach is teaching you to practice. I see it all the time, you go once or twice and you don't practice, then you blame it on the coach.
  4. eBay is a great tool that comes with a nice side of pain in the a$$, I usually go through sights like Letgo or the world famous Craigslist. It's better for me because the buyers are usually locals and you don't have to waste time mailing items, the buyer comes to you. It's a bad idea if you are selling crap and are attempting to screw some one over, but if you are honest it shouldn't be an issue. I buy cheap on eBay and sell high on Craigslist. You have limited customers but you also have limited headaches.
  5. I play the old Cleveland launcher. I have gone to the store and hit it against the latest and greatest that supposed to give me 20 more yards, but it's not so. The new drivers look prettier and have nice paint jobs but nothing amazing when it comes to performance. I have a new cobra fly z plus that someone gave me, but it's not an improvement worth a couple of hundred dollars. I'm a hard sale, in playing old Srixons i302 irons because I have not found something that just blows them out of the water. I'm looking but I just can't find them.
  6. Juan. Concord Ca 98 avg 100 after red bull Cobra fly-z+ (the + is not for more yards is for more strokes) Stiff matrix vlct
  7. There's a whole lot of new, same old thing with new paint job and different name.
  8. Hello fellow golfers, I live in Northern California, looking forward to leave😜. I play at an eight handicap, sometimes better, mostly worst. I play Srixons I-302 the my first real set, and can't find something that blows them out of the water to justify paying $1200.00 And that's how I come to be here. Looking for the etharnal answer to a mediocre golf game. Oh well one day the stars, sun and the moon will align and I will shoot 69. Until then my search will continue for the magical 300 yards driver and the self putting putter. Good to be here looking toward to the topics.
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