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  1. For what its worth. I have had all my wedges the same length as my pitching wedge for quite some time and I like it a lot better.
  2. You definitely picked the cream of the crop in St George. Would also suggest Sunbrook GC. (the best of the "city courses") three distinct nines for 27 good holes. Not quite as upscale as either Copper Rock or Sand Hallow but IMO well worth it and every bit as good as ledges or sky mountain. We do a guys trip there every year unfortunately this year we got the worst week weather wise in March. perfect weather the week before and the week after but nasty the week we were there even snowed our last day and we had to leave a day early. (it almost never snows there by the way)
  3. David Twin Falls, ID I walk about 60% of my rounds depending on weather and course I use a clic gear 8
  4. David - Twin Falls, ID 7 Vokey SM6 - 50 F, 56 M, 60 S, all 35” 50, 54, 58
  5. This would be an amazing opportunity David Twin Falls, ID Srixon Z 765 9.5* Srixon Z F65 13.5* Srixon U65 18* Srixon 765 3 & 4 irons Srixon 965 5-P Cleveland RX-3 54 & 60 FG Cleveland HB1 Srixon Z Star XV Pure White
  6. Thanks for the opportunity David Twin Falls, Idaho 40 to 50 rounds Love my clickgear but just left it down in St George, Utah so need a new trolley
  7. David Idaho 110 Cobra King LTD pro Black Tie stiff Love my mizuno irons would love the chance to try their Big Dog
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