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  1. There’s a really description and overview on Mark Immelman’s podcast “On the Mark.” I too am interested in this kind of device. It seems like it’s biofeedback, training your body and brain (specifically your hands to go specific distances in space) through feedback (sound and vibration). I believe Mark has a really good discount code as well. But as I recall, the next podcast had a correction to the DeWiz code so don’t be discouraged if you have trouble with the code. I’m sure if email them they’ll straighten it out.
  2. Just heard about this device while listening to Mark Immelman’s podcast with one of the founders. There’s really not much information just yet but these comments you guys have posted here are quite informative. I’d like to know if anyone has more experience with the last part of Bill Pierce’s comment, specifically, with regard to setting and using the parameters.
  3. Hey Ben, did you get ever get any resolution on this issue? I’m in the same boat.
  4. Arthur District of Columbia 115mph Nike Covert 2.0 Tour (Black) Zeus LT Tour Prototype (RT Technologies) 68g
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