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  1. James - Stevenage UK I currently have a Garmin Approach G10 and also a TecTecTec vpro500. I also have arcoss on my clubs but use this more for shot recording than as a pre shot distance device. I have recently started using the vpro and have been comparing it to my playing partners Bushnell V4. So far the distances seem to be accurate and comparable although the pickup and jolt function on the Bushnell is a bonus, the vpro seems to suffer with a little condensation as well which is not the best in the wonderful UK summer that we have been having. I did consider the precision pro units when I bought the vpro so would be very interested to see how it compares. Thanks
  2. Thanks for that, funnily enough I've just had an email from Costco who had previously told me that the Kirkland balls would not be available in the UK, looks like that might be set to change.
  3. Played a little par three course today as well as doing some practicing chipping and putting with a few different balls. Chipping and putting there wasn't much in it. On the par 3 course the two best performing balls, and to be honest none of them really checked up much, were the AD333 tour and the Callaway CXR Power, so that's really not helped me at all lol
  4. Thanks for that, well looking at the testing and trying to stay within budget I think the Inesis ball is probably my only option
  5. Above what number would you consider to be high compression?
  6. Kirkland and MG balls, neither available in the UK. Encore elixir not really available in the UK other than the odd online seller and around £40 a dozen.
  7. Seems pretty consistent that people think a urethane would be better even if I've not got the best technique. I'm not going to pay more than £20 a dozen though due to the loss rate. Could try out the inesis balls.
  8. Are they more wayward off the tee then? I think this is my point, I can get urethane for £20 a dozen, but that's double ionomer and I'm not really seeing a benefit.
  9. Hey folks, Really loved the recent MGS ball test, it's certainly been an eye opener, having played Taylormade Burner balls (soft compression) it certainly made me re-think my ball choice. I wanted to try a urethane covered ball so went with AD333 Tour's, they perform well with good distance drives and I think than the burners (thin the burners are 60, the tours are 70 something). I was hoping for a bit more on approach shots to the green, I'm not talking about the ball spinning back but at least getting a little check, but it doesn't seem to be the case. Now I'm a higher handicapper (21) and I would say driver swing speed is probably 90ish, I'm going to guess that the lack of check is down to my technique rather than the ball, with that in mind I've got two questions. 1.Am I going to be just as well off playing a ionomer covered ball and playing it to run out a little? Sometimes I won't lose a ball other days I'll lose two or three, In the UK urethane balls are going to cost around double what an ionomer ball will. 2.Based on the MGS test a soft ball is a slow ball, do I still want to be looking for something up towards that 100 compression mark regardless of whether I go ionomer or urethane? I'm in the UK so that determines some of the balls that are available to me. Thanks for your time.
  10. Hi there, I've been trawling the internet trying to do as much research as possible into what golf GPS device to go for. Currently I'm using a smartphone app but I'm starting to play society days and that now and I could do with a dedicated device. I'm not looking at lasers and not a large handheld device, a small handheld or watch will suffice. I sometimes do 36 holes so need it to be able to cope with that, I'm not worried about a score card function, I don't want to pay recurring fees. My budget is around 150 pounds. Three I had in mind were Bushnell Neo xs Bushnell Neo Ghost Garmin S2 They seem to have sold huge amounts of these and do pretty well, any thoughts on these or any other recommendations. Just seen the tom tom golfer which could be a possibility. Thanks for your help.
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