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  1. glfgrl99 Florida Bushnell Tour v3 Female, 18.7 index, rely heavily on my rangefinder, esp. for the approach shot. Love my Bushnell, except that it gives no warning before the battery dies. So I carry an extra battery. Would love to test this new one, with the added information! I need all the help I can get!
  2. Ping grip. No other identifying marks, but was put on the putter when I purchased it. I think it's the next size up from regular.
  3. Chris Lakewood Ranch, FL Rider Current Bag: economical Tour Edge, replaced a more expensive Datrek, cuz the Florida sun is just brutal on the bags. And btw, I don't care about impressing the ladies, cuz I AM a lady, and am very particular about what I want in a golf bag.
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