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  1. Ryan Cedar City, UT Currently use the caddytek 3.0 I got my current pushcart to try to walk more rounds, but due to some injuries it has forced me to get back on the cart. I would love to get back to walking and this would be an awesome solution for my health!
  2. Hey Everybody! I am excited to have been selected to test out the Golf Pride Tour SENSR 140cc putter grip! I have been playing golf four about the last 25 years. I started as a child with my dad taking me out to the course with him. It didn't take long for me to fall in love with the game. I grew up riding my bike the 6 miles to the course with my clubs on my back every day. I was fortunate enough to be selected to be on my high school golf team, and had a blast doing that for a few years! I have had struggles with my game for as long as I can remember. I have been able to work out a lot of the kinks over the years, but easily still the worst part of my game has been putting. I am currently about a 8 handicap, thanks in large part to my distance. Over the last few years I have worked hard on being more consistent with my driver because I did have that distance at my disposal when I did hit it straight. I went from about 40% FIR to over 80% this last year. That has led to a higher GIR%, and I normally 2 putt to finish out. My struggle is those putts outside of about 8-10 feet. The long putts shows my lag game at very hit or miss. I switched this last year to a mallet putter when I bought the Nike Method Drone 2.0. That started me on improving my putts, and I have the high hopes that this new putter grip will help even more! Currently in my bag: Geek No Brainer 6* X-Stiff 5 & 7 wood Ping G2 Regular 4-AW Nike SQ Machspeed irons Tommy Armour Evo sand and lob wedges Nike Method Drone 2.0 Putter These clubs have come to me in different and interesting ways. I was fitted for this driver at a local golf shop because of my swing speed and launch angle. It has been a blast to play with, but I am getting older and the swing speed is slowing down, so it may be time for a replacement here soon! My woods were hand me downs from my dad that I have had for about the last 10 years. I hit them great so I haven't felt the need to change! My irons were a graduation gift to myself, and I got them mostly on price because they were a year old model, but I have loved them from day one. The wedges I caught on sale at sports authority, but I am looking to upgrade those! Putter was mostly on price, but it had great reviews, and felt great to me! Golf is one of the few things that I can't get enough of. It leads to a fair number of arguments with my wife when I just want to be golfing all the time!! Golf is a great game, however, and I plan to be playing for the rest of my life!!
  3. Ryan - Utah I split walking and riding depending on who I am with. Adidas stand bag.
  4. Ryan - Utah I walk as much as I can, usually at least once a week from May-September. I currently carry my bag, but knees and back aren't what they used to be. Been looking at a pull cart so this would be perfect to try out!
  5. Ryan- Utah Handicap: 7.3 This looks pretty cool. I have been wanting to try a gps watch for a while!
  6. Ryan- Utah Swing Speed- 115-118 Thanks you guys! Keep up all the hard work!
  7. Ryan- Utah 9.8 HC This would be great to help better hand position at impact! It looks awesome!
  8. Thanks everyone! I am stoked to try it out!! Can't wait to see those putts start dropping!
  9. Ryan - Utah Straight 140 cc I have been wanting a new putter grip and this would be awesome to try! Thanks for the opportunity! These look sick!
  10. Ryan Utah Geek No Brainer 6* with SK Fiber Fury 65 shaft 120 swing speed Thanks for the chance! This would be awesome!!
  11. Ryan-Utah 10.9 handicap 120-125 swing speed Current ball- ProV1 Always looking for some nice control around the green, but won't say no to distance either!
  12. Just joined today and I hope I can be a valued contributer! I love learning about all the new equipment out there, and just the reviews I have read on here today have been helpful in my making some decisions! Glad to be a part of the group!
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