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  1. great post!... Maybe you guys can help me a little. I know the ball is one of the most important pieces of equipment, so any help works. i hit the ball low, with little spin. I went to a fitting center and my 6 iron was only spinning 3300-4500. i know this is way low and its hard for me to hold greens. i play srixon z585 irons with NIPPON MODUS 3 105 SHAFTs. my swing speed is up to par and my carry is 180ish, but i need spin to get the height i need. any ball advice? i was thinking taylor made tp5 because of spin, but tp5x is supposed to have more height. Thanks for any help.
  2. Zeke Lockport, LA I want to walk more, Ive been really looking into an electric push cart lately. I feel it would be alot less stressful on my knee. When i walk i use a Sun Mountain Speed Cart
  3. These are some fine looking irons, would love to try an iron that the between of game improvement and players irons. Zeke / Louisiana Callaway X-22 Tour with Project-X 6.0 Handicap 16.8 C300 Forged
  4. Zeke, Larose, LA TaylorMade SLDR with Tour-AD DI-6s Black Approximately 110 mph with a carry of 250 Handicap 16.8 ​This would be a great driver to try as I am a low ball hitter, I think this would help me get the trajectory I need.
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