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  2. First name: Bobby Home State/Province/Country:Pennsylvania ​Do you use performance tracking?: No, I tried Izzo Swami and didn't like the tagging Do you use a GPS watch?:No
  3. Bob Graham - 69 (I wish that was my score) West Chester, PA Like most golfers I seek more consistency including more distance and the ability to compress the ball. I have followed Martin's tips for several years and purchased some of his training aids. I have seen some improvement but I can't seem to get it all together. I am very detail oriented and would provide a thorough review of the school.
  4. Bob, Pennsylvania Odyssey 2-Ball 35' Odyssey O Works Red #7S I am very excited about this putter!
  5. West Chester, PA Odyssey 2 Ball Pulling putts to the right
  6. Swing Speed - 85mph Handicap index 14.6 I have had good results with the Chrome Soft and the Wilson Duo balls. This one sounds like it could be a winner.
  7. Bob Graham West Chester PA Strength - chipping around the green Weakness - Bunkers and half wedges Gide 2.0 Set UW, 54/SS, 58/SS Color Orange, Shaft CFS Graphite, Flex S80, Length -.025, Grip Dyla Wedge, Color Gold Looking to add a new wedge set. Short game will be my major focus this year,once the snow melts.
  8. Bob Graham, Pennsylvania 14.6 Index Dream set Srixon woods & irons, Cleveland RTX3 Tour Satin VMG wedges and TFI 2135 Mezzo putter
  9. Robbie Pennsylvania 14.7 I have been going by feel for 50 years. I need to be convinced that a rangefinder can make a difference.
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