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  1. I would love to do this program...considering I am a lefty this is one that I can do!! Allentown, PA 64 100-105 mph (6 hcp) Above average I will absolutely follow this from beginning to end and will engage with forum members on follow up.
  2. Scott/Allentown, PA (but travel to NC every other week) Pro V1 or the original Kirkland 4 piece (I had 8 dozen) 110
  3. Scott Pennsylvania 6.6 Ping I20 Stiff Steel i500 Please (and Ping has my specs )
  4. Scott - Pennsylvania I currently use the Bushnell V3 I would love the opportunity to test and compare this rangefinder. I play about 2-3 times per week
  5. I have been using Ping irons for 20 years, and would love the opportunity to test these to see how they compare. Thanks! Scott Pennsylvania Ping I20 Stiff Shaft 7 Iron - 170 yards
  6. 1. Scott/Pennsylvania ​2. 6.4/120 3. Taylor Made M1 (2016) 4. G400/ Alta CB 55/Stiff/10.5/ 45.75 length Thank you for considering Alta CB55
  7. Allentown, PA Ping Ketch Allignment Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. 1. Scott - Pennsylvania 2. 6.8 3. M1 with Aldila low kick 4. 110-117 Carry varies but about 250 5. Phil Mickelson
  9. Scott Pennsylvania 5.9 Ping I20 misses tend to be pulls....strength is distance thanks for the opportunity
  10. Name: Scortt Home State: PA Current Handicap: 5.9 Current Distance Measuring Method: Bushnell V3 Jolt
  11. Scott Allentown, PA Currently use Ping Irons and the wedges are a mix of Ping and Callaway. I use a lot of your recommendations and contribute as well. Based on your reviews I have purchased and currently play with an M1 driver and a Ketsch putter. Handicap is 5 and I am left handed, but Ping makes left handed wedges in this model. My short game strength is 80-100 yards and my weakness is bunker play. I would choose a 52SS, 56ES, and 60 TS. My color code is silver and one inch over. I can provide Ping with a serial number off of an iron to confirm my specs. I would love to test these! thanks, scott
  12. Scott Justus Allentown PA 5 Handicap I currently use the Garmin S6 for yardage and Tempo training
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