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  1. One of the most stable putters on the planet is a center shafted putter, the L.A.B Golf putters. Both the mallet and the new blade are lie angle balanced. The brand is formerly directed force putters. Adam Scott used the mallet at The Masters. They’re incredibly stable and the only putter out there that squares itself. im a big centershaft guy. My gamer right now when not using my LAB is a Scotty Buttonback Newport I had converted to true center shafted (most are back from center and have a little toe hang. Mine is dead center and perfectly face balanced, as is the square back I had customized). I’ve got a bunch of different ones in my collection.
  2. Technically though you can find them via Directed Force website, the putters have been rename LA.B Golf putters. They're Lie Angle Balanced and they've actually got more tech in them than anything that's come out in a LOOOOONG time. The physics formula for them alone is patented along with the design. They just releases a brass blade with the same tech as well. As far as Adam's putter, he actually is using the owner of LAB's personal putter. They can be adjusted infintely and they're best when fitted individually as they take into account not only stance/swingplane but stroke speed and rotation speed as well and are calibrated for every aspect about YOUR putting stroke. Doesn't hurt that the folks at LAB are good folks either. It's the only putter that i've seen that will keep itself square through the stroke and regardless of where impact is on the face. I bought one to test the theories after talking to the owner multiple times. It's still the ugliest putter I've ever put in the bag. But as long as putts keep falling I don't care how ugly it is.
  3. Got ot my buttonback back from a buddy I had modify it for me...
  4. Headtac isn’t the same. I tried it. Ended up spending a little over $700 on a champ gun and 20 lbs of melt for it. So I can hook you up with the hotmelt lol
  5. Didn’t buy another new but my Buttonback is on the way back from having the neck chopped off and a centershaft spud welded on it. also have a twisty stainless scotty Pivot on the way I won.
  6. He hasn’t sent any blades he said he was trying to get them in. He literally just got them built and ready and previewed them a few hours ago. And the original does have to be played forward of where one normally plays the ball. The press grip is to get the hands into the correct position. You can put a normal grip on them just bill needs to know so he can build it appropriately. It’s not something one would pick up on eBay and work right immediately, honestly and needs to be fitted right. He’s also got a new v2 press grip he revealed with the blade today as well that’s more round
  7. Oh wasn’t implying you controlled anything. I hope he can get a few of his brand new, announced and revealed today blades in the testing too. They officially drop Feb 1 and he’ll have them at the PGA show. I can’t wait to try to get my hands on one of those. It’s about the width of the seemore but packed full of tech. I think even more folks will love it cause it’s traditional sized but has LAB tech (company is no longer directed force, it’s now L.A.B Golf). I have a feeling their stuff will do well kn testing. Tech filled putters usually tend to do well in the msg testing
  8. I’m betting Bill would be willing to do it. He needs a short video clip and can tell you what the lie angle and length needed are from the video. He’d probably send several lie angles and give advice on which one each tester would need to use. Takes him about 45 seconds to do from a video
  9. Hopefully they’ll be doing some types of fittings (which Bill does for free via video) for them as that’s very important with this putter.
  10. It’s not an Axis. The putter is the former product known as the Directed Force putter. They’re now known as L.A.B Golf (Lie Angle Balance is what that stands for). And I’m not one to speak for Bill but I do have one of his putters and while it’s not the prettiest thing out there, it flat out works. Their revealer tester also works and will show you what any putter out there is doing throughout the stroke. I’d love to see it in most wanted testing. I’d bet it’d do very well. Only thing that might make it not do well is the putter being properly fitted is important. Their Press grip also works very well.
  11. He’s a mad scientist and one of the top 3 players in the world is testing their product right now. They just got their tour credentials late last season. Their product works too. And they’ve got the development covered. He’s got a patent on the physics of how the putter works too I believe
  12. So I’ve been doing a lot of reading and a lot of speaking with someone in the puttermaking world and now I’m questioning everything about shaft position as it relates to anything. I do now own one of their putters and it’s the only one I know of that squares itself regardless of stroke type. The question he’s also asked is who determined what shaft position fits what type of stroke as it’s all just the person manipulating the putter not the putter working better for a stroke type. Theres a LOT of intriguing info he’s been sharing and I’d love to see how their product would do in most wanted testing. They’ve said they’d submit for it but haven’t been asked.
  13. You have to watch Ozark. It’s great (also filmed here in town on the lake). The wife and I also enjoy Orange is the New Black together and Atypical (its spot on for what parents of autistic children go through).
  14. Couldn’t buy the Vegas release. It’s literally result 1 from a google search for “jokers wild clip art”.
  15. Zero, Bob uses military designations on his equipment as he's a vet himself.
  16. I actually really like the AVX a LOT. The ProV lines have always spun too much for me but the AVX is perfect. I never thought I'd go back to paying full boat for a ball retail again, but I've bought 6 dozen of these and love them. I've been playing really well lately as well so that doesn't hurt either.
  17. Chipper Jones a few times (he’s a Richard head) Boo Weekly Steven Bowditch A few lesser knowns. Hit balls next to a few others folks would knowas well.
  18. Just bought a new Directed Force putter. One of the owners did a remote fitting for me and is a good dude. I wanted to see what the hype was about and Bill and I have been chatting about it. I also talked to Sam about the tech as well and he’s another easy to talk to guy. Real gear heads there. Everyone I’ve talked to that’s tried it said the science is real. Couldn’t resist... and can’t wait till it Arrives.
  19. When you go in PGA Superstore for a couple shoe bags and leave with a TS3 fairway, clothes, a new umbrella, bag and some trinkets... SMFH... thank god they’re renovating and don’t have the full selection and preowned... That’s what shopping the day before a golf trip gets you
  20. Contact Ross at Tour Quality Golf in Broken Arrow AZ (RickyRoss is the forum name you'll recognize). Cheaper than anyone on DLC
  21. I have the following items for your consideration 1. Ping G400 LST 10 degree with Paderson Kinetix IMRT 860 in X flex. Includes cover and tool. Plays at 44.5”. Price w/ Paderson $355 shipped CONUS. I also have a stock Alta in S flex I could sell it with (I can put an adapter back on it). With the Alta I'd do $300 shipped conus. With both shafts (and I've got an adapter I could put on the Alta) $375 shipped conus. 2. Kirkland KSigs. I've got 5 double dozens available (24 balls x 5). $68 per double dozen shipped. Will discount multiples. 3. Nike 20XI R&D prototype balls. 1 sleeves $12 shipped conus
  22. The corporate office folks I deal with are their primary club buyer and the events coordinator... Nothing on the other side(s). They're based semi-local to me, though, being as Mr. Blank is the owner and lots of his businesses are Atlanta based (or were).
  23. Last 2 rounds I've woke up with a sore shoulder and taped it up with k-tape. I've been taking a lot of 3/4 let off swings and hitting utility irons off the tee... and have posted 2 of my best scores back to back in a while. And with not so great putting rounds... 37 putts in a 79 2 rounds ago and 75 with 32 putts this past round. Had birdie putts on nearly every hole both rounds. Did get the putter going on the back in this last round including a 12 footer for eagle toclose the round. Should tell me something about course management. Leave myself more full clubs into greensand don't tryto bust everything
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