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  1. -Shane, PA -6.4 -​Ping G LS Tec w/ Ping Tour 65 S flex / Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana 'ahina 70g S flex (interchangeable depending on desired launch conditions) +/- 105
  2. Name: Shane Home state: PA Swing speed: 108 (avg.) Current driver: Ping G LS Tec 9 degree, Tour 65 stiff shaft
  3. The Coke doesn't strip the Chrome finish as far as I can tell. If it did, I believe NOBODY would want to drink Coke anymore, haha.
  4. Hi Guys, Awesome post... but I'm a little confused here. There seems to be a missed step in the process for the "Titleist Spin Milled with the Tour Chrome Finish." I assume by the comments and my basic knowledge of the whole process that there was a step that included having that chrome finished stripped, but by the pictures it appears you can take the head as is and torch it right from there. Can anyone (and/or the original poster) shed any light on this? Thanks!
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