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  1. From my perspective and my review, and I tried to answer this so apologies for not clearly stating it, I would not expect to buy a putter and change the shaft to a graphite shaft. I can’t say I saw added benefit from the shaft alone. Now, maybe had I had my EXACT same setup with my original 2 ball and compared them, that would’ve shown a difference but I feel like my favorable review came from the putter head with alignment, feel, strike etc. additionally, after reviewing the 3 shaft options I knew I wanted to try the soft or the firm option as Fujikura stated their middle/regular option is similar to a traditional steel shaft. I wanted to make sure I got a different setup and based on their descriptions the softer shaft fit me best. But I can say, I’m not going to change the shaft to steel, I don’t want to change anything. I feel like I made the right choice with the shaft. I utilize a slower swing of the putter so I think I made the right choice. I think overall this is a challenging question to answer though. If you gave me a new driver with a revolutionary shaft and I hit it 30 yards further and increased fairways would you say it was the club or the shaft? If you put the same shaft in my current driver and got those results you’d definitely agree the shaft made the difference. I am very grateful of MGS, Fujikura, and evnroll for this opportunity and I love the setup of the entire package of this putter but it was a hard question to answer in my opinion. hope that helps! Happy to discuss more
  2. Golf is finally going to crank up for me. It’s corporate outing season so the next couple weeks are outing after outing. I’ll be playing Thursday so looking forward to testing the putter out. I’m going to arrive early to mess around on the putting green getting a feel for it and testing it out. The swat will be a good thing too. No need to try and cozy putts, try to make em all!
  3. I swear I’m playing golf soon. I’m actually busting at the seams to try it on the course. Stay tuned!
  4. I’ll add a little context on my thoughts here. Again, I have not been able to play yet but I’ve hit about 100 putts on the carpet to get a feel. The weight to me feels normal, as any putter, all 3 Fujikura shafts are 115g. I chose the smooth and holding it and making a stroke it doesn’t feel lighter or more flexible. Now if you shake it, you can see some bend. i don’t think any of us got fit but I certainly did not. Fujikura has some decent descriptions online that I chose off of. The X Is for more of a pop stroke like Snedeker. I have a softer, smoother, light at impact stroke so the smooth seems to fit me. hope that helps a little!
  5. I haven’t had a chance to play just yet but I have hit a few putts around the house. I went with the softest flex shaft and if you shake the putter, you can tell. From the stroke and stroke, it doesn’t feel light or flexible. Not a huge update there but wanted to provide a little input.
  6. Good intro @ChuckZ two Vols testing these putters. @Fujikura Golfand EVNROLL in good hands!
  7. @Lacassemmy grandfather was a club pro in Knoxville and is in the Knox Sports HOF. He was a 2 time Air Force National Champion (which I didn’t know was a thing!) played a couple PGA events. We have some newspapers where he played in events Nicklaus played. My uncle just won everything locally and played some mini tour stuff in Florida.
  8. My intro has been posted for those who may have some free time and interest to read!
  9. I may be checking the site every 20 minutes waiting to hear directions on how to get this one started lol
  10. I am interested in the 2,5,7,11 which is to basically say I am wide open! The hosel will be most critical to me as I do not want a long arc or swinging path with the putter. Very interested in hearing next steps and get rolling! And get the putts rolling!!
  11. I am not. I am using a Odyssey 2 ball with a steel shaft. I am obviously very interested in the graphite shaft but also their hosel compared to the odyssey. Looking forward to getting to the next steps and getting out to the course!
  12. Appreciate it gents. Golf trip is this coming weekend!
  13. Awesome! Thanks for choosing me yall! Very happy and excited!
  14. Never got fit for a putter. Never really considered it. Just straight back, straight through, right? Maybe that’s why i average 30 putts a round . Good opp to get fit!
  15. On the range whether practicing or warming up I’m picking two targets to call the fairway. Trying to keep it between the two. On the range you can lay a blanket over 98% of them. My shot is either a straight ball or a little fade with all clubs. My course driver ball is a GIANT block slice- like a fairway over it off the course.
  16. Hey y’all. Been a couple years since I’ve been active here but trying to get back. In my hiatus from MGS I didn’t get better. I’m probably not alone but who struggles from the range to the course? I used to be pretty good, and still am usually, but I have MAJOR driver issues (tee ball in general). I can pound driver on the range and never miss one and walk to the first hole and hit 14 balls that never smell the fairway. It’s maddening. Have gotten lessons for the same thing to happen. It literally is costing me 10-12 shots per round and I’ll shoot 85 with the trouble. Anyone know a good psychiatrist?
  17. Eric, knoxville TN. About 25 Eseay32 on IG, ecee322 on Twitter. If will help I’ll give you my Snapchat and LinkedIn! 4 handicap and 110 driver swing speed. Driver-F8+ 3 wood-ping g25 Ping i E1 4-Pw VOKEY 52/56 F9 conventional irons King wedges Ultralite stand bag Love these opportunities! Thanks MGS Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  18. Eric S Tennessee Golf Price MCC midsize black/white PW-driver, MCC+4 SW, GW, LW Z grip Align Midsize Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  19. Edwin Watts is nice if you know for sure you’re buying a club like you said. UFit is nice if you just want to try something but until they can match the majority of a golfers specs, you will be left unsure if the club totally matches what you need. I think they will get there, they have to in my opinion for the program to be successful, but right now it’s not Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  20. More great info! I’m going to go through a shaft fitting soon so trying to make sure I know what’s happening if I didn’t purchase through the fitter Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  21. Awesome! Thanks for the info Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  22. Please correct me if I’m wrong but it is my understanding with today’s drivers that are all adjustable, that each manufacturer has a special adapter/tip so they fit correctly in their own driver? So im to assume I can’t just go buy a shaft and put it in so how does this work? If I want to buy a driver shaft myself after a fitting per se, do I have to buy it from the manufacturer? Assuming the tip isn’t removable from the stock shaft. Am I crazy?
  23. It says very clearly that shaft options will be available in 2019. Go hit the clubs it selected for you though, im gonna bet you won’t be as dissapointed Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  24. Go with something that will shave strokes. Based on your stats set a goal. If you get up and down 50% of the time set a goal for 75% or more greens or less putts. Simple things that will consistently get you under 80 and shave strokes Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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