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  1. I love reading through this thread... I have only tried the original Snell MTB so far and am completely in love with the performance. I still have a box to work through, but will definitely be checking out the new line. From what I read here, it sounds like they definitely deliver.
  2. Finally got to see these both in hand over the weekend, and I am super impressed off the bat. The looks of both models are really clean IMO. I like the styling that PING has gone with for these irons. I got a chance to hit a few shots with both as well and honestly want more! The feel of the i210 was very surprising and just felt "pure" to me. The i500 on the other hand just felt powerful, like the feeling of a well struck fw or something. Based on the first impressions, I definitely could see either in my bag. I think I would to i210 power spec, or i500 retrospec... either would be a fun set! Good job, PING.
  3. Zach Michigan 6 Callaway Apex Combo CF16 - Project X 6.0 I am interested in both! I would love to test either. Both have very interesting technologies that could benifit my game! So, either i210 or i500.
  4. 1. First name and home state or province - Mike, Michigan 2. Current handicap - 6 3. Current driver and shaft combo - M2, HZRDUS Yellow 4. Driver swing speed and carry distance - 110 285 5. Favorite Callaway Staffer - PHIL!!!! Thanks for opportunity! I promise a detailed review!
  5. Mike Detroit Metro Area, Michigan 6hc Titleist 716 AP2 4-PW Thanks for the opportunity, MGS. I promise top notch review if selected!!
  6. Mike, Metro Detroit Area Michigan Walker Ping Hoofer I am really looking to try a 14-way stand bag, as my grips and clubs are always tangled and hard to pull out, or put back I my bag. Thanks for opportunity!
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