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  1. Kevin, Leland, NC 21 hdcp Cobra gap, xe1 sw, tm pw 52,54,60
  2. Kevin Ryan - North Carolina - 18 Hcp 17 and 23 if I had to just choose 2
  3. 1. Kevin Ryan in North Carolina but play in South Carolina 2. Rider. Not many courses here like walkers. 3. Mizuno. Time for a new one.
  4. Your first name and home state/province Kevin - North Carolina Your current handicap 21 The longest iron you're comfortable hitting 4 Iron
  5. Hello all Not much to say. Northern boy transplanted south and loving the ability to golf more than 3 months a year. Scores are coming down finally and swing is improving, so it's time for advice from everyone. Hit 'em good!
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