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  1. First Name- Tim Gaestel City, State Austin, Texas Current Driver in Play Taylormade M6 Handicap 7.4 Swing Speed 118 Which Driver Would You Like to Review Honestly either but if you make me luck I’ll go, TSi 3 with 10* I’ve honestly never found one Titleist driver that I have ever liked...I love every other club they make...but never a driver. I love TM and I just had mine snap the little screw in the M6...I promise to right the most fair review you can get...because I can’t see them making something better than TM...but if they do! You know it’s good!
  2. Handicap and Location I’m a 8.8, I live in Austin Texas Current Irons and 8-iron distance im currently playing Cobra Single Length Irons- 8 iron distance anywhere from 165-180 (I know it’s a problem lol) What do you know about Sub70 some of the prettiest looking clubs I’ve been following on Twitter! Looks beautiful! Would love to see how the play!
  3. Tim, Austin Texas 35 and Im a 10.5 Mizuno JPX825's Big fan of this company and glad to see them back! These black clubs would look good in my golf bag! Help a teacher out! Schools about to start!
  4. Tim-Texas Krank 9.5 Stiff Shaft 100/ 9.4 9.5, Tensei CK White Stiff
  5. 1. Your first name and home state or province Tim and I live in Austin Texas! 2. Your current set makeup I play: JPX 825 Mizuno Irons Mizuno JPX 54 wedge Misuno JPX 5 Wood Taylormade RBZ Stage 2-3 Wood Ben Hogan 19 Hybrid Edel 52 degree wedge Bettindardi Putter 3. Your current handicap 9.7 4. Your goals for the 2018 golf season To get to a 6 handicap this season! I need some help though!
  6. 1. Where you live (don't worry, this one is open to any resident of planet earth). I live in Austin, Texas and play golf every day! 2. Your current putter model Bullseye 3. What aspect of your putting game needs the most improvement. I need to make more putts and have read that this thing can do that!
  7. First Name-Tim Home State/Province-Texas Current Handicap-10.3 (and counting!) Current Iron Set-Mizuno JPX-825's One length or Variable-One Length
  8. First Name-Tim Home State/Province/Country-Texas Current Handicap 10.3 Current Iron Set Mizuno MP-33's Thanks for the opportunity!
  9. Tim from Austin Texas. I currently use a Leupold Gx-3i and was stolen from my golf bag this weekend while I was on the range! My cart had my bag and rangefinder while I took my driver and 7 iron to the range! Not trying to make a sob story why I should be one of the testers but I coach High school golf and use my rangefinder a lot. I would love to write up a good review and see if the Bushnell is as good as they say. In Austin Texas we golf all year! Thanks for the opportunity! Tim
  10. I started swinging a golf club when I was a little under three years old but, I wouldn't fall in love with golf until my return from Iraq and the trials of warfare. While driving through a dangerous area south of Baghdad, a roadside bomb exploded as my Humvee was passing – two pieces of shrapnel went through my lower IBA and into my back. I would remain in Iraq for 8 months and in April 2004, I returned from the deployment a disabled soldier. My life was changed forever and the pain in my back would change my disposition on all of my abilities. Meanwhile, a few friends in my Unit decided
  11. Tim Austin, Texas 9.7 Handicap Im excited to see these clubs in action. Im a big fan of the Scor Wedges and figured that Terry Koehler would do the Ben Hogan name good!
  12. 1. Your first name and home state/province Tim Gaestel, Austin Texas (super close to Fort Worth for shipping!) 2. Your current handicap 11.1 3. The longest iron you're comfortable hitting I have a Taylormade MB Set of Irons and about the 5 Iron I feel comfortable hitting most of the time, Ive had about 4 good shots with my 4 iron!
  13. Your name and home state/province Tim Gaestel, Texas Your handicap 11.8 ​Your current driver/shaft N/A I use a 3 wood with a Stiff Shaft (Driver head broke 3 months ago!) Your current driver swing speed 102.4 on Trackman Data from the Dean and Deluca Initational Pro-Am!
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