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  1. Tom M. Kingston NY .9 index Vokey SM6 52/56/60 id keep the same lofts. best of luck fellow golfers
  2. Tom M Kingston NY ROGUE sub zero 9* head, set to 8* N Mitsubishi fubuki 5zxt x stiff shaft Golf pride niion grip +4 in the right hand and +2 in the left. Was fit for the shaft when it was in my DBD 816 head, I broke the face of the DBD, haven't been refit for the the shaft head combo. Thanks, good luck to all!
  3. Tom New York H.I - 4.8 Mizuno MP 68 PX 7.0 flighted and tipped 1/2" Thanks
  4. Tom M New York 12401 Handicap index 1.9 Current set up MP-68 3-PW project x 7.0 tipped and flighted. Need to find their replacements ASAP!
  5. Tom- 15* epic sub zero fubuki zxt80 x stiff 18* epic sub zero fubuki zxt80 x stiff both with MCC align mid size grips
  6. Thomas, New York. GHIN 3.5 816 Double Black Diamond mitubishi 70zxt x stiff tipped .75 inches 124mph 295 Phil or Henrik
  7. Titlest pro v 1 3 handicap 108 mph 6 iron club head speed
  8. Callaway 815 fubuki x flex 9 degree driver, callaway 815 15 degree x flex fubuki shaft, 3 handicap out of New York. Avg driver club head speed is 120.
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