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    GOLF! Tennis, cycling, hiking, writing, reading(sci-fi) all things Metaphysical. Stopped playing for 10 yrs. started up again this year, played for 40 yrs. before that.
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  1. I played for many years with OTS clubs that were the wrong lie and length and reached a solid 10 hcap. Then I was fitted for a driver by a class A fitter and it changed my game! I eventually was fitted for a complete set, expensive, about $1200 then, but my game and enjoyment increased dramatically! I would however recommend getting fitted for your long game first, metal woods and hybrid. The short game requires touch not power so fitted clubs won't make a great diff.
  2. Oh Ya! I'd like to test the Px Irons! I'm a 10 Hdcp senior, using fitted component set and needing to change to a set more suited to my age!
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    Rules Question

    There are only 4 options; 1. Play it as it lies. 2. If you take relief; a. drop within 1 club length from nearest point of relief in bunker, even if this means the water is not as deep etc. no penalty. b. take an unplayable 1 stroke penalty, rule 28 c. drop behind bunker keeping the bunker inline with pin, take a 1 stroke penalty. rule 25-1b.
  4. Name: Richard Shanks location: Vancouver, BC Canada Hdcp: 17.3 and falling fast! will be 9-11 by Sept.(just started golfing again) Driver: generic, fitted shaft, 9.5 deg. Speed: 95-110
  5. New member from Vancouver!

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