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  2. Mine hasn't come in yet this month -- I would be thrilled to get a pair of shoes (in spite of the fact I just bought some clearance ones a few weeks ago).
  3. Wow -- These all turned out really nicely everyone. I think I'm going to have to give this a try and make both my grandma and grandpa that I can give them when I get out to visit (and mostly golf) with them this spring. Any tips about the actual stamping? It seems like people are using markers/tape to make sure the letters stay straight. How many hits does it take to get a reasonable indentation (and stamp before or after torching?)? Some of this is probably best learned by experimentation, so I'll play around with it. Any other tips? I've gathered the following from the thread * Use the copper disks from metalremnantsinc ebay store (Alien suggested 1 1/4" diameter with 1/8" thickness). * Use a hard surface (not wood) to stamp them * Experiment with torching with different lengths of time to get cool coloring.
  4. I go to HHI with my in-laws for a week every year and usually get 3-5 rounds in: The two courses I play every time I'm there are: * Dolphin Head (this is actually one of my favorites on the island) * The Port Royal courses I was going to play one of the Palmetto Dunes courses this year, but a storm rolled through I've heard great things about them all though. Keep your eye out on GolfNow and the tee times posted on the websites -- You can sometimes catch pretty good deals if you are flexible about which course you play when.
  5. That's a slick looking case for your ball collection Nate -- I've started picking up logo balls recently and they are currently in a jar and no one can see the logos...
  6. Rounds per year: I roughly play 30 rounds per year (though some of that is because I'm in NYC -- I go to the range/putt around 3 times a week) Handicap: 21 Current Putter: Odyssey White Hot RX #1 (34') Was very intrigued by the blog post y'all wrote and would love to test one of these putters out -- No PGA superstore nearby and haven't found somewhere that carries them.
  7. Questions: 1. Have you purchased any golf products based on MyGolfSpy reviews? (Please list which ones.) Yes, I bought the Odyssey White Hot RX1, Snell golf balls, and the Precision Pro Nexus range finder. I have also considered pulling trigger on new RTX 3.0 wedges but am waiting to see what people think in their reviews. 2. How has MyGolfSpy changed the way you think about golf equipment? It has made me a more informed consumer. I have spent time learning about things like bounce, why stronger lofts are a function of optimal launch trajectories, how different weighting affects flight, and some other functional aspects of clubs. I have always been a very data driven person and MyGolfSpy caters to my need for transparent data analysis. 3. Have these purchases lowered your scores? (List which products and how much they have lowered your scores.) My last putter was a 15 year old Zebra putter... I never thought I was losing "that much" from putts, but I have picked up about 2 strokes from switching putters. Range finder probably hasn't saved me many strokes (I used GPS before and could get distances close enough for my skill level), but it saves me time on the course (which is also valuable). 4. How have these purchases helped you enjoy the game more? How? Faster rounds and better scores... What more could you ask for.
  8. ^This Is anyone considering the new Wilson irons? I've seen lots of good things on blogs etc, but haven't seen much in "equipment pondering" threads yet. They're probably not forgiving enough for me (yet -- Hopefully my trajectory allows me to get there someday), but I think they look pretty slick.
  9. Exactly this. I volunteered at PGA Championship this year in the merchandise tent -- They were rounding down to nearest quarter. For example, if your bill was $50.24 then the machine rounded down to $50. If people want to stop dealing with small change then this seems to be the right way to do it.
  10. Wow. This is an amazing contest to run. Thanks MyGolfSpy and Srixon/Cleveland! Chase/NY/21.3 (on its way down with lessons I've been taking though) Putter: Huntington Beach 1 Wedges: Cleveland RTX 3.0 -- lofts depend on which set of irons and recommendations from fitting Irons: Z565 or Z765 (or possibly a mix of the two -- I haven't had a chance to hit either yet, but they both look incredible) 4-PW Hybrid: Z H65 Hybrid (19 degree) Utility Iron: Z U65 (18 degree) Driver: Z 765 Driver (10.5 degree)
  11. Interesting -- The one on the right is the authentic (though I could be wrong I guess). I had never seen knock off balls before (just clubs)
  12. Sure wish there were a drool emoji... This one will be awesome. Chase New York 21.3 My current wedges are * Callaway Apex CG16 Gap wedge (50 degrees) * Cleveland RX 2.0 Wedges 56, 60 (both 2 dot bounce)
  13. Chase 27 New York Foot Joy, Ogio, Oakley
  14. Sounds like a great anniversary! Congrats and have fun! Will the fitting be done both indoor and outdoor or only indoor? If they only do indoor, would they prefer to have an outdoor part as well (but are constrained by finances/land/etc...), or do they do indoor because it isolates more of the variables? I recently did one that was all indoor and I'm very happy with my results, but it seems like some people like to hit new clubs outdoors before making decisions.
  15. I recently used MGS's most wanted blade putter post (I don't know why, but I just feel more confident looking down at a blade -- Good chance I'm just crazy and will eventually try mallets more seriously) to narrow down some options and I eventually bought the Odyssey White Hot RX 1. All previous advice seems to be right on. Go try some stuff out. Read a little about it and then choose the one that you feel gives you the best bang for your buck. I would keep an eye out in the MGS classifieds and sites like secondswing. Turns out that if you are careful (and patient) then you can find some pretty reasonable deals. Good luck!
  16. Yeah, Stacy was on fire today and was lots of fun to watch -- Tough not to think about the score she could've had without those bogeys.
  17. This discussion is leading to me very seriously considering purchasing one. I'll probably talk to the guy I've been taking lessons from in a couple weeks to see whether he thinks it will help the (many) problems my swing has Great info so far! Looking forward to continuing to read it.
  18. Put myself up there. Cool idea.
  19. Chase New York Handicap: 25 Recently been using GPS phone apps -- Unfortunately my battery is getting worse and to make it through 18 now I have to bring a portable battery If this cut out that problem (and was non-intrusive/accurate) then it would be well worth it.
  20. I think it will cool down Friday-Sunday, but definitely drink lots of water today and tomorrow! It is going to be hot!
  21. I don't know how much you are looking to spend, but one possibility is globalgolf. I just bought my callaway bertha mini from them for about $150 (was called mint condition, but came still wrapped). http://www.globalgolf.com/golf-clubs/1031956-callaway-big-bertha-mini-15-driver/used/?cdt=14&opt=aaf Side note: I think they only have 14 degree left
  22. 1. Chase from New York 2. I prefer walking, but if other people are in a cart then I'll usually hop in 3. I currently have a Sun Mountain bag from 5+ years ago and love it. Would love to see what improvements have come (especially the full bag dividers)
  23. Skimmed the first rounds -- These clubs look great. Glad to hear people are liking them!
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