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  1. 1. Chad Greenfield - Houston, TX 2. I have used almost every watch out there. 3 different Garmin models, 2 Bushnell models, and the Apple watch. 3. I use a watch, but I also carry a range finder.
  2. What a great opportunity, thank you! 1. Chad - Houston, TX 2. Current Handicap - 8 3. Dream Bag: Launcher HB Driver Launcher HG 3 Wood Launcher 3 & 4 Hybrid Launcher CBX Irons (5-PW) CBX Wedges (50*, 54*, 58*) TFI 2135 Satin Elevado CB Putter w/ Over-sized Grip
  3. Chad Greenfield, 33 Houston, TX (Haven't played much lately, it has been a bit wet down here due to Harvey) Consistency off the tee. The days that I hit it well off the tee (in the fairway or first cut), I shoot dramatically better scores This is an amazing opportunity and I absolutely couldn't be more excited for the possibility of attending!
  4. Name: Chad from TX Handicap: 7 I have not played Wilson Irons before. I currently play Ping i20s.
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