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  1. I wish it was that easy but I live on Guam. If you are not a pro don't waste your time and money getting fitted I was doing good fitting myself. I could not say the same for the putter fitting. The putter has been much better. Club Champion is still out to sell you a new set of clubs pretending that it would help you. If you love nearby I guess it must be okay since they can tweak your clubs based on how it feels. Expensive lesson learned
  2. I just spent $5k at Club Champion at Del Mar in August of last year. I used to play PXG irons and Titleist woods before I got to San Diego and thought I want to get fitted so I can improve my game some more. I got fitted and it took more than 7 weeks to get the clubs that were fitted to me. I was very excited to get them premium shaft etc. from Driver to Putter. I tried to play with the fitted clubs when I got them in November but I could not hit them properly and lost 2 club lengths of distance on the entire bag. I thought it must be me not getting used to the new fitted clubs. I took them to the driving range, used then at the course, but still I got worst and worst. I noticed that the clubs were super light to my feel I could not feel what the club head is at and what it is doing...I sucked. So I decided to used my old set (lucky I did not sell them) lo and behold I played so much better and so much fun. I thought maybe it is all in my mind so I played a day after and I was even better and I got my distance back. Now I know it is the clubs, 5K down the drain any suggestions what my options are to make these clubs workable? I would like to try to have the lie set back to standard they are Srixon ZX4's. I thought club fitting would always be a plus nit knowing that it could also make you worst...so be wary before spending your hard earned money....
  3. If I use the same shaft as my irons do the shafts for the wedges have to be heavier version?
  4. I have been playing for maybe 20 some years but I live on Guam and never had a fitting done. I am now 58 and had my 1st fitting at Club Champion in Del Mar and it was the best investment I have done to my golf journey. It was expensive yes it was because I changed my whole bag except for the wedges (which was a mistake). I could not be happier and saw some decent improvement in my game. But before going to golf champion I went to the PGA Store and see if I could save money but I ended buying the wrong driver and shaft and they bent the lie on my PXG irons out of whack (3 degrees upright) and I could not hit my irons and that is the reason went to Club Champion.
  5. where is that notification I want to sign up?
  6. I was fitted recently in CA for all my clubs except for the wedges which was dumb. My GW is 35.75" length and 49 degree loft with a 65 degree lie and a D3 swing weight. I am going to buy two wedges a 54 and a 58 or 60 . What length in the aerofiber shaft should they be and what swing weight. I am using a standard golf pride multi-compound grip. I am on Guam and will not travel to CA until the summer. Thank you
  7. Club fitting was the best decision I did. I used to play a 44" driver and I am 6' it was consitent but lost some distance which was okay. I got fitted in August and they set me up with a 45" driver with the correct shaft, head, loft lie and grip and I gained yardage and am now more consistent than playing my 44" driver. Just my 0.02 cents
  8. Where do i find these golf specific swing speed exercises? At 58 I am in fairly good shape I bike 3x a week, i do weights 3x a week. I dropped my weight to my ideal BMI weight.
  9. Is there a way to train to increase some club head speed?
  10. Here is what I did at the beginning of the Pandemic....
  11. First Name: Jose Graciano City, State: Mangilao, Guam Current Driver in Play: Taylormade M2 Handicap: 17.6 Swing Speed: 78 Which Driver Would You Like to Review: TSi2, 10.5
  12. Jay/ Guam USA Handicap 18.8 CURRENT:Vokey TVD Design 56 and 60 What appeals to you about a raw wedge? Spin
  13. I love to also experiment since I could not find a place that does putter fitting
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