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  1. Danny / Glendale, CA iPhone 12 Max Pro Outdoors Net
  2. Danny - Glendale, CA All of the time. I usually have one setup at my house. Most recently replaced my Callaway net with a Rucket stye net. I dot not use a launch monitor, but have been looking into one.
  3. Danny Glendale, CA Taylor Made M3 HCP 15 SS 102 TS2
  4. Danny / Glendale, CA 15 hdc Cleveland RTX3 50/54/58 First of all, I have been a Cleveland wedge fan since the 588s. I have mostly played Cleveland wedges with the exception of a short stint with SM5s I am one of those people who have soaked my wedges in coke or in a damp towel to get them to rust. I like that the raw finish has much less glare. They feel softer to me (I know it's subjective and may be in my head). The worn patina of a raw wedge also just looks cool. Pick Me!
  5. Danny - Los Angeles, CA I have a cheap indoor putting mat in my office and an automatic return cup at home that I use on my rug (rolls about a 9). On weekends I will go to my local golf courses and spend about as much time on the putting green as I do hitting balls. I have never used a Birdie Ball mat, but all of the other mats I have tried are inconsistent, have folds or bumps that never come out, and require a very flat surface to sit on. I have just accepted that it is better than nothing, but far for a reliable way to practice anything other than making good contact on the cent
  6. Danny Los Angeles, CA USA 15.1 Callaway CF-16 150 Yards
  7. Danny / Los Angeles 15 HDC 50*, 54*, 58* RTX3 bent 2* flat black finish Favorite shot is a <30 yard pitch shot with minimal run out.
  8. Name, Locale, and Rounds per year Danny Hahn, Los Angeles, CA 24 rounds a year Social Media Accounts Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Handicap and Swing Speed 15 handicap 98 mph driver SS Current Set M3 Driver and 3 wood Tour Edge Exotics 3 and 4 hybrids 5-PW CF 16 Cleveland RTX-3 50, 54, 58 Ping putter. Desired Cobra Set 9.5 Degree stiff flex driver 15* 3 wood 3 and 4 hybrid Single length irons King wedges Stand bag - Blue
  9. Danny Glendale, CA 13* Tour Edge XCG5 stiff flex Diamana Blue 16.5 Tour Edge E8 stiff stock stiff flex
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