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  1. Thank you all for replys. The real inspiration for me is to watch others that see us golf come join us I was invited by a brother that is a double amputee to try it out and was hooked. Golfing with a group of other military vets is great because its not only fun but the brother and sisterhoods are there between ball busting and the willing to help each other if it is pointers to lending of clubs. When I first started I literally had a driver a wedge and a 3&7 woods through this group between donations and others old clubs I have some what full set of mix matched clubs but for me I like having mix matched clubs because I find what works for me. I have beenlooking into several grant programs and in process of applying for a paragolfer next is trying to find a program that does custom clubs there is some but most are for combat wounded veterans for current era. But honestly as much as having a set that fits my needs would be awesome I like having a set that didn't cost an arm or leg its like I snapped the shaft of my SLDR it was the cheaper version and was like oh well at least the ball went where I wanted it to. I am serious to a point but golf is more about having fun if I get to a point either I am in pain or getting frustrated I just stop take a break skip few holes then go back with clear mind. For me its about having fun and achieving a goal
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    I am new to this forum and probably newest to golf I started on and off 3yrs ago part of my rehab after my spinal cord injury which happen in the line duty. I have grown to love golf and over last 1.5yrs join a military golf program and golf at least once a week if not more. The picture below was last Monday play a tournament in RI with other members of the organization from that state also members of that club. Right now I have a mix match of clubs of either mine or borrowed. My golf pro has made me few irons all the same length I use a machine called a paragolfer in order to play. My goal is one day to have a custom made to me clubs but haven't won lottery yet. I am a disabled veteran also medically retired Firefighter Paramedic. Looking forward to any advice or tips. I welcome any feedback when I figure how to make pictures smaller will get a profile pic up. Thank you for the add
  3. Ryan Massachusetts Handicap: Spinal Cord Injury Club speed 93mph Current Driver 12.5 SLDR Taylormade 10.5 Big Bertha(backup already snapped the sldr shaft once)
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