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  1. Hello everybody, I'm a 44 year old Danish guy living in Sweden. I have been playing golf since 2001. Skåne (southern Sweden) where I live is a golf mecca. 65 golf courses. Many of those can be reached within an hours drive. Around 10 within 20 minutes. Not to mention the golf courses close to Copenhagen. My home club is Bokskogen GK. 2 18 hole courses in a beautiful forest/Park setting. The golf season here runs roughly from March/April through October/November but if it is a mild winter many courses remain open with summer greens. Welcome to beautiful golf in Denmark and Sweden.
  2. Klaus Bigum, Sweden Adams Speedline 10.5 Graffaloy Prolaunch 60s Hcp 24 Swineshead 100-105 What a great opportunity this is.
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