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  1. Your first name and your state/province/country Chuck Illinois/USA ​2. Your current gamer Siotline Mallet 3. Custom fit - yes or no? Yes....31.5", added head weight to D-1 4. Preferred putter - Queen B 9 Got 20+ putters.....everything from the Nicklaus 86 Masters black blade to various Odyssey mallets And I love to modify the putters, as I have putted either hand-low, long putter, mid-length, and left-handed.
  2. Chuck in Chicagoland. I'm a senior golfer, and enjoy walking the courses. My home course is atop a landfill, with hills and slopes that would look in place on the classic links courses of Scotland and Ireland. Stability of the cart on the various slopes is of major importance; secondary importance is being able to fit the folded "trolley" in my Mazda RX-8. I play 25+ rounds per year, but unfortunately my handicap has been slipping with age, and a couple of failed body parts: hip replacement, shoulder reconstruction, and knee cartilege "trims". I'm generally around an 18, with a f
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