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  1. Tiger built up such a large lead he only needed to play top 25 in the tournaments he played in over the last couple of years to stay their, however not to be ...he will stuggle to get back to No1 however you never know ... my view ... no chance ...
  2. As an trifector (because my winner is not on the list) I take 1st Martin Laird 2nd Arron Baddely and 3rd Luke Donald ... about 7th for Phil and 23rd Tiger ...
  3. I have the R7 Quad, okay old stuff, however I have had a go with a friends R7 CGB Max and hit it for miles (must get one of them) another time I had a go with a R9, well TM went backward with that one ... last week a golfing mate came to play and had the R11 well I had to have a go ... sorry not good ... all were Reg flex, loft went from 8.5 to 10.5 ... maybe the older clubs are better suited to slower swing speeds ... mine is around 98 mph ... my point is .. never mind the hype, try one and see ... just because they say it is better ... and that maybe the case ... however better for who (or i
  4. for me it does not matter who is No 1 or No 125 as anyone can win any given week ... however here is my wee bit ... why do they not weight the stats and then add or subtract this figure from the present system ... that way you should have the golfer that is performing the best over a given time period ??? seems simple enough to me ...
  5. Had a look at it, to fit in the rules (shaft angle)it makes the toe and heel at different heights when you hold it vertical. Would this not alter the balance and make the toe twist in? I can't see it catching on...
  6. Kaymer may lose it next week as all 3 behind him are playing and he is not ... however I am glad he made it ... he has class and conducts himself very well ... must say well done Luke Donald though .. never behind in any of the 6 matches ... you don't really have to be long if you can chip and putt ...
  7. I agree westwood's actions were not great, however compaired to Tiger he is a saint !!!
  8. Nice one Muttley "god comback" yip about right ... well I think he thinks he is a God ... my view was to forget about his private life as that is for him to worry over. However what he does on the golf course is something I can comment on. For me I was hoping he would come back to his best, however all i have seen is a spoiled brat, me me mee ... bashing clubs in the ground ... swearing his head off ... leaving a whole group of kids that had been waiting for him in a cordend off area and just walk striaght past without even looking... now after the spit I hope he never wins again, just imagin
  9. Now I see it as a good thing if you put a wee flag on the shaft, you will see the wind direction when setting up for the drive,saves tossing grass into the air.
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