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  1. Rick, Houston, TX ,USA Ping Ti Anser WRX It's got to be the Anser. I have 5 of them and would like to compare against them
  2. I'm a 14 hdcp from Houston, Texas Currently playing a set of Tour-issue Bridgestone J40 Combo irons w/ i95 S Steelfibers. I'm hitting that 8 iron about 140 due to traditional lofts, by current stds. I'm very interested in Sub70 & particularily in the 699 Pros. I know 2 guys who play their irons now & they've spoken of the company in glowing terms, both quality & service. Jason, I've seen the clubs & would love to compare them to my gamers & a few other sets I may have kicking around. Just let me know! Rick
  3. Rick, Houston, TX 14.1 Callaway Apex 150 yd carry on 7 iron Big Ping fan & love to test those gorgeous irons!
  4. Rick Texas Ping Ti Anser Wrx Putting is a strength of my game (most days)
  5. Rick Houston, TX 14 Hdcp Callaway Apex, Recoil shafts I500 for me Look forward to reading the reviews & would love to participate!
  6. Congrats on 65 BHG! Long time Hogan fan (c'mon he's my avatar!) who'd love to test these against my Apex Edge Pros, Cally (fake) Apex and the J40's I'm playing now. Rick, Houston, TX 59, 12 hdcp Bridgestone J40 combos w/ Steelfiber i95's stiff
  7. Rick, Texas Vokey SM5, 52* & 58* 50, 54, 58 please Carrying almost a full bag of Bridgestones but not wedges. I'd love to give the Tour B's a trial for Golf Spy! Thanks!
  8. Man, I love the old-school blade look of these irons & they seem to be exactly what my Older-school body & swing need! Thanks for the opportunity Ping & MGS.
  9. Love to give that driver a go. Currently play a Bridgestone so certainly open to "other" brand drivers!
  10. Rick, Texas BIG Hogan fan! Currently playing 52* & 56* Vokey SM5's, but evaluating 52* 56* & 60* Cleveland 588"s Would love to compare the Equalizers against those. Inconsistent short game, too often go from Hero to Zero 14.1 Index handicap
  11. Tier: 1- Bubba Watson 2- Matt Kuchar 3- Tony Finau 4- Ryan Moore 5- Shubhankar Sharma Winner: -11 Low Am: +6 Great Contest W/S, Thanks!
  12. Rick Long, 58 Houston, TX Inconsistency, the "2nd guy" is a 5 hdcp. Unfortunately the 1st guy is a about a 20!
  13. 1. Rick, Houston,Texas 2. 13.8 Index 3. Bridgestone J715 w/ Fubuki ZT 60-S 4. 105, ~ 250 5. Come on, it's gotta be Phil!
  14. Rick Texas 13.8 Callaway Apex '14 Long time Ping fan!
  15. Rick Houston, TX 13.8 index Cally Apex, Recoil shafts Strength- Putting Weakness- Not enough GIR's
  16. Rick, 14 from Texas Love to test the PTx against my Apex Edge Pro's & Callaway Apex!
  17. Rick, Texas 14 Hdcp 5 Iron Longtime Hogan fan that still plays Apex Edge Pros on occasion. Love to try these out!
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