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  1. Back in 98', when I started playing, could not hit a wood to save my life. Actually, I had bought a driving iron, and it wasn't much better. Worked on using woods, driver, at the range. Found a Cleveland 2 iron, and it was pretty good! I could hit that club 180~200 yards off the tee. Now, I love my 3 wood. It's a Callaway Diablo Octane 15*, non-tour, with reg. flex shaft. If I have bad drive, I can make up a lot of distance with this club. Thought about replacing my current 3 wood, with something that has tech(adjustable hosel, replaceable shaft),but it plays so good for me lately, maybe not! A lot of the newer 3's do not have a "tall" face, and that is forgivness in off-center strikes. I will go try a few choices, taking my old 3 for comparison, baseline..Any thoughts on 3 woods that I should try??
  2. Where are all the players of 2 piece balls? Gotta be more than what has already posted? Lets keep this thread going! I am not embarrassed to say I play a non-tour ball. It's just where my game is at right now. I have tried to play "better" balls. Did not work out. I can't keep them in the fairway. I will possibly revisit some of the balls to try again at a later date, as they update them from time to time. My game could possibly dictate that I need to do that, at that time. Right now, I am having a blast with the 2 piece ball I am playing right now.. Anybody else??
  3. It's a good thought, just to have maybe Golftec "evaluate" my swing. Maybe just to correct one swing flaw that I might be doing. No rebuilding! Right now, having too much fun playing, new ball and all! Advance the ball!
  4. Maybe when I retire, and have more me time. Right now, not so much. I would not have time to dedicate to learning whatever new swing thought, or whatever mechanics I need to change. Right now, I just keep it simple. Have fun! Advance the ball!!
  5. Not playing a ton, but have about 8-9 rounds in since early May. More than in prior years. Not going to be doing lessons at this late date in my life(65). I'm a 25+cap and falling...will level out at 20 or so~. So, just going to enjoy what I am doing now. Play when I can...
  6. So, now where were we? 2 piece balls-who is playing them? Why? What do you like about the ball? What don't you like? Not about the deals on better balls! We are talking 2 piece orbs! Gotta be a bunch of us on this site! If you play it, own it!
  7. I get it, too! The main reason I don't play a "better"ball, is because I can't keep it in the fairway. I am now playing what is "working" at this time. It just happens to be a 2 piece value ball. I will play this ball for as long as it is working for me. I have had the most enjoyable last 4 rounds of golf I have played in quite a while. This will be "status quo" until I feel it is necessary to make a move to a "better" ball. Been playing since 1998, and I have a good sense of my game. I don't aspire to be a low hdcp. player, I just want it to be enjoyable. I appreciate all the advice, but I am comfortable with my decision. When learning the game in the first few years, I put in a lot of time at the range, and then tried to play every weekend. By my 5th year, I was scoring in the upper 80's-lower 90's, all by playing 2 piece balls. A lot of them, harder than I am playing now. I made them work then. I lost my game along the way, and not playing regularly did not help. Changed equipment, trying different balls, 3 piece included. 110 got to be a regular number for me. Had Golftec look at my swing, and found a fault nobody that I play with saw. I was swaying off the ball. Fixed that, and my game was coming back. All new clubs in the bag in the last 3 years, and now this ball, that is really helping me play better. So, my game is looking up. I am trying to play more, but family stuff comes first. Have tried a handful of "better" balls, old favorites, and now the TopFlite Hammer Control yellow. Sticking with what works, until I think I need to change. Not about money totally, but not going to throw it away either. I'm in the fairway more with this ball than any other as of late. Tour Response was the last 3 piece I tried, and loved it around the green, not so much off the tee. To much spin off the driver, was losing distance, losing balls. So, for now, this is it. TopFlite Hammer Control is my ball!
  8. Good for you, man! Some people can't recognize when they have a problem with alcohol. Your situation could have resulted in your death. Nothing to sneeze at. Been around alcoholics all my life(65), and you just can't talk any sense to a drunk. I wish you all the luck in your future!! I still tilt a few now and then. I don't think I have a problem with it. I can' t handle as much as I used to. So, I don't try to get there, I like to have fun when I drink. Usually save the beer for after the round...
  9. You don't drink? No wonder you can afford to play a new ball every round. No, really, just kidding! I would imagine the desert can be pretty rough on all the equipment, not just the balls. If that is your golf mojo, more power to you! Yeah, one of these days, I might try a "tour" like ball again. But, I am playing well for using a 2 piece ball. And the short game is not suffering for it! You gotta take it as it comes, and go with it...
  10. Went to a garage sale in the neighorhood some 10 years ago, and the old guy running it notices that I'm checking a golf bag full clubs, with a few old TM Burner woods. "You look like a golfer to me" he says. I said that I play. We had a 15 minute conversation about different courses in the area, while I looking at everything he has. It was geting late on a Sunday afternoon, and he says he was getting ready to close up. I pulled a ball retriever from the bag, and I say "How much for this" and he says that he really doesn't play all that much, and then he says "tell you what, just take the whole bag, as it might end up in the trash". My daughter was with me, and she was getting antsy to go after all the gabbing, so I said "thats fine". Wished him good night as I loaded the bag in the trunk. So, got home, unloaded the bag, and started going thru it. First was the ball retriever-it was old style with rectangular cage of three pieces of loose metal. Still using it! About 3 Burner Fairway metals in this bag. Found an old rusty Vokey wedge. Going to clean it up one of these days. So, then there is the bag itself. It is a Bennington. Never heard of it before. Looked it up on the web- they are high end bags. Not all leather, but plenty of it on the bag. And the zippers are high quality. Full length dividers, 14 way top. This bag is older, but similar online on their site go for $300, and they go up from there. My Snake Eyes bag was getting a little thin in places, so I am still using the Bennington. The zippers are all intact, and work well. No tears anywhere, and the top dividers holding up well. Also has a putter tube down the side, and that is the only real wear on this bag. My SuperStroke 2.0 is just a hair snug, but fits ok. I look at bags, buy I really like this one. Most of the clubs went to the thrift store, but I am still using these pieces today. I always look when we go to garage sales for golf stuff. This one guy had hickory clubs that were a little rough. I just wanted them to put on the wall, but he wanted way more than I wanted to pay. I might find them one day...
  11. I start with a sleeve in the ball holder. I could lose a few of them! Or none. I hold on to the sleeve, so I can put them back in, when done. If I lose some, the loose balls go in my golf bag when done, to be USED the next time I play. As long as there are no pieces missing, or heavy scuffing, I will play that ball next time out.
  12. Can't argue with the math!! With all that being said, value is good. But, then again, like I have said over so many threads on here, I was not staying in the fairway playing those "better" balls. So, I'm playing what works. Gotta get down the fairway to get to the green...
  13. Ok, so I can't back it up, or it doesn't exactly check, and stop on a dime. That's ok! But, I can get it to check, with rollout. It's playable on that level for me. I am getting good feedback with this ball(Hammer Control), and distance control has been good as late. If I need to stop hard, I try to flight it coming in higher than a normal pitch. Have done a couple of times this year Had one shot that I needed 68 yards(GPS) to the front. Pin sat back about 3 yards on right side, just off the front, guarded by a bunker. Sand wedge 54*, full swing, came in really high, landed in front of pin maybe 4 feet, bounced forward about 6-7 foot from its pitch mark, putted for par. The guys talked about that shot the rest if the round..So, yeah, I am liking this ball, and the price is easy to take, especially with the 2fer deals...
  14. Nice you can hit it 285!! Me, not so much. 250 was my big number, with driver, regular flex shafts, hitting it pure..Now, 230-235, if it is pure. Have a hole on my home course that has a short par 4, 240 to the front, and I have put it more than a few times on first cut, or just off about 5 yards to the left. So, on average, most of my drives are probably 220-225, but I am in the fairway most of the time. I am 65, my swing is shorter than it used to be. So. my 3 wood, on average, is probably 195~200. At the range, that is where I can carry it. I basically use that number on the course. Anything 180 or more..Good luck in your search. There are plenty of good clubs to choose from. And numbers aren't always the end all. To me, it must feel good in my hands, especially on contact. I've tried clubs that were good on distance, felt like I was swinging a 2x4. Bought something with a little more feel, less maybe 20 yards, and I know where the club head is. That's just me..
  15. For me it was more than $70 a season. I would lose a box in 4 rounds on average. Everytime I buy a box of my next gamer, I send them into ball purgatory..I have given up on anything that costs north of $25 a box. I say a box, because some boxes have 15 balls in them. So, I like the value that some offer on that level. My experience with 2 piece balls is they are not cookie cutter. They all have some attribute built in that makes it different from another ball. Yes, even 2 piece balls! So, I have $400 driver, a fairway @$150, 2 hybrids that were $65 to build, hybrid irons that cost $400 custom, $500 in wedges, and a $130 putter. So, lets see, that makes about $1550. You would think I would play a better ball. Well, been there, done that! I am a high hdcp. golfer, lose more than 1-2 a round sometimes. So, I choose to play a value ball. That $40 a box can get a little pricey after the 3rd box! I also enjoy my game, not stressing about lost balls.
  16. Nice choice! I probably will never play Velocity. And yes, there are a lot of good deals on balls. I have played the Maxfli Softfli. Right now I'm liking the Hammer Control in yellow. Seems to fit the bill right now. Been fooling around looking for a ball to play this season. Seems like I have found it. And yes, Titleist QC is over the top.
  17. I don't play certain balls on certain courses. I just play what I am playing with now. I don't over analyze the course. If the fairways are hard, great. If the greens are fast, I adjust. If the wind is blowing, I adjust on that hole. I will use whatever knowledge I have learned thru the years. I just want it to be fun!
  18. Never used any of those balls. Have tried quite a few 2 piece orbs. Pinnacle Gold, Platinum Feels, and Rush. Wilson Tour Acuuracy Feel. Srixon Soft Feel. TaylorMade Burner. TopFlite XL, XL 1000, XL 7000, Strata, D2 Feel, Hammer Control yellow(current ball). Callaway SuperSoft, and early Titleist(DT Carry). Nitro is not on my radar, now or ever. Golds when I was learning to play. Platinum Feel was a good all around ball, again discontinued after 2 seasons. Rush has been recent, and it gets out there, tough around the greens. Wilson was a good ball that I played for a couple of seasons, while looking for a better ball. Never found that ball! All the TopFlites, except D2, were back in the day, and went thru a lot of them. The Strata was a 3 piece, and the first sub-80 compression ball that I played. And the D2 is no different than current HC, with control around the greens. TM Burner was a decent ball, and could get out there too. TM Aeroburner Pro was one of the best 3 piece balls I have ever played! Great distance, with low spin off the driver, outstanding on approach shots with a hop and stop. Chips and pitches would just check up, with minimal roll. Soft Feels just not my ball. Did not like the feel off the clubs. Cally SS is a recent player, really decent ball with my swing speed(80 mph), but can hold back on distance, and control around greens. DT Carry is one of my favorites, as it only had 252 dimples, would go a long way, then just fall out of the sky. Only a couple of seasons on DT, they discontinued it. There are a lot of options, and each one of these did play differently, at least to me. 2 piece balls ARE not range balls. They each have their own feel, dimple pattern, and all react differently off of your club, dependent on the shot needed. Some really get out there. Others work well around the green. I don't need the ball to back up, just need some control of distance on, or around the green. If you can do that, reach in, no matter the ball, your game is better than mine.
  19. All above is agreed to. Must of us that have played for awhile all know this! So, with that being said, some of us can't play a 3 piece(too spinny off the tee, leads to a slice), or just don't want to pay the price(deals included). I just stick with a 2 piece ball, that works for me. Not going to be a 10, or even a 15 hdcp., so I'm not concerned with being much better than I am at my age(65). My body is already placing limits on my swing. I stretch, and work with what I have to use. Not going to play something that I'm constantly hitting into the tree line, never to be seen again. The ball I'm playing now is keeping me in the fairway, decent distance, and works fairly well around the greens for me. I can't ask much more from a ball!
  20. I have tried the Soft Feel a couple of times, different iterations. I can't get past the feel off the tee. I know its soft, but it just feels different from other 2 piece soft golf balls I have tried. Must be something to that "Gradient Core"-how did that go? Firmer outer, softer toward the middle? Can't remember. Just always felt like a marshmallow, that you could hit a long way. Could never chip well because of the feel of this ball. Never felt like I was hiiting a ball...
  21. Started at the range. Got an approximation, then figured out my #'s as I've played on courses thru the years. Distance #'s have not changed much since I started playing, 4 sets of irons ago. Pretty much the same #'s today. It's funny, you buy new clubs, figure you'd get better distance, end up the same #'s. I have hybrid irons now, and played Cally X-20's before, and the #'s are exactly the same between the sets, with identical lofts. The hybrid irons get up easier than the X-20's, and play straighter for me, as the Cally's always leaked to the right. I get a flyer every once and awhile, but not often. My irons overlap each other, maybe by 5 yards, but I can pretty much count on the numbers I have for my clubs. Lie has a lot to do with the club I choose. I was using a GPS app for distance, now I have a Garmin. Tee off, get to ball, look at watch, choose a club, hit the ball. The app would sometimes chose to run ads, so I subscibed, but I tired of puliing out the phone on every shot. Garmin is so much easier!!
  22. Definetly a learning curve to get the 3 wood to work off the turf. Figured out just hit it like an iron, center stance. Works well 95 % of the time. That 5% is what hurts my game. Shows up when I least likely need it to..BUT, I have made great strides with this club! It's getting to be a pretty natural swing to advance the ball, especially on par 5's. If I make a bad tee shot, I need my 3 to come thru for me, BIGTIME! Don't force it, just make good contact, stay within yourself. Lay-up if need be, don't go go for it if there is trouble downrange. Play smart, have fun!⁶
  23. This is true. But, the subject here is 2 piece balls. And who is playing them. High hdcps, or low hdcps, beginners, long time players, or just the occasional player. What ball are they playing? What they like about it, or don't? How much is it? We know about the deals that can be had at Costco, or bulk DTC's! So, 2 piece balls, who, and why?
  24. Agreed that a ionomer ball is limited vs. a urethane ball. Have tried them, love them around the greens, but are trouble for me out of the tee box. Too spinny for me, and I get in trouble, or I lose it in the trees. My swing is a litte inconsistent, so I just play something that can get me out of the tee box, yet can still help me out around the greens. Played the Maxfli Softfli, but wanted a little more distance. The TopFlite Hammer Control in yellow is my choice for now, as it has decent distance, but has nice manners around the green. Still have to execute the shot correctly, but the ball does check. Yup, and 2 piecers are rapidly approaching $30 a dozen, but the quality is so much better than it used to be. Agreed "to play the same ball every shot". I play with a few guys that play whatever they find, and wonder why their game is not anywhere near consistent, overshoot a green on this hole, with one ball, end up short on the next hole, but with a different ball. Don't even start with chips and pitches, or putting. I just want it to be enjoyable.
  25. You are very much correct in your statement. I have been around the course more than a few times(sta rted 1998). I have tried many 3-4-5 piece balls, and to my lack of playing regularly, or just not having a consistent game, or swing, I have chosen to stick to the cheaper of the species, as I can lose $40+ a dozen balls faster than I care to. Played some better balls I have found plenty of times, only to lose them later on in the round, but figured out what I want in a ball. I am self taught, taken a few lessons, but pretty much struggle to keep my game enjoyable. I do move from ball to ball, not too frequently, but if I find something that works fairly well, I will stick with it until the next best thing strikes me. Started playing the TopFlite Hammer Control this season, and my game has really been fun, and scores are coming down sllghtly. Never gonna be a 10 hdcp, or even a 15, but I want my game to be fun. It is not fun to struggle on the course, and put 110-115 on the card. Been there, done that for like 6-7 years. Game is looking up, and those 2 piece HC's are helping, especially around the green. My CBX2's really like this ball, as they are predictable with chips, and pitches. I have seen my share of high handicappers who play the premium balls, but really should play something less, as they lose them with great frequency as we play, and then complain about the cost, or the ball doesn't do what it promised, but only because their skill level is not anywhere near what they think it is. Golf ego gets in the way! I have played with guys who have lost 6-7 ProV's in a round, complained about the cost, but come out next time, only to do the same thing. WHY! I don't say anything, but do get tired of looking for their $4 ball. Anyway, golf should be fun...
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