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  1. 115 mph swing speed 0.4 hcp Pro v1x I'm looking for a ball the easy to control in the wind
  2. I love those clubs. I have 3 daughter is 5 she just comes out to ride in the cart and listen to music on my phone. Hits once in a while. My son is 3 he would go to the course every night with me he love to play. He has his set of clubs. Only issue is he is a lefty and screwed himself out of great handle downs his dad is a club junkie lol. Glad you guys are getting our kids into the game
  3. Went into the store and fully intended to buy one but ended up with last years Newport. I just like the feel of a solid piece of steel. Not a huge fan of inserts but they did look amazing
  4. I wish I live in the states it's a pain to get this stuff into Canada
  5. Finally joined my favourite golf site after years of checking it out daily Other than my kids I love golf Any other members from northern Ontario
  6. I'm from Sudbury did you get a chance to play when I town for buisness
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