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  1. Brad Roseville CA Index 14.9 Ping I500 graphite regular Would like to try the T200.
  2. All four are excellent. It is hard to choose one. My finalist is "The Sock". I use to use socks as headcovers when I was little. Plus I can add my personal key thoughts on the cover or leave it blank. Thank you for the opportunity to vote, Sirduffsalot
  3. Brad/California. 16 56* Volkey SM6 I was taught by a pro from the Sam Sneed era. Cut lob. Practiced for hours.
  4. You have a lot to say.

  5. Hello everyone, I am Brad from Roseville CA USA, Currently my handicap is 14.4 index. My current irons are the Ping I500 5-AW, Volkey 56* SW. I do use a 3-4 Srixon hybrids. My set up is 1" over 1-2* up Black Cat Set (I had a set in the 90's ) Thank you for the opportunity to try a new set.
  6. Brad Roseville CA 93-97 mph 15 15* 3 wood, 5 wood, 3 hyb, 4 hyb Right Handed I play the I500 irons.
  7. Brad (Sirduffsalot) here, I hail from Roseville CA west of Sacramento Driver specs are- Srixon 565 Mysaki Regular standard length/midsize grip. Current index 14.4 swing speed 90-95mph I use Birdie golf for stats I have played a Tour Edge 4 wood exotic. loved the feel but, needed 3 wood shot length. Note: I have a broken L5 vertebrae, it has slowed me down. I can practice one day and play one day a week depending on pain level. I can possibly open new products for the disabled people like me. Please give me a chance.
  8. I believe the low score will be 136. (Sorry I do not know how to use the hashtag).
  9. Brad-Sirduffsalot Northern California Scotty Cameron Odyssey EXO Rossie Putter
  10. Brad California Srixon 10* with a Miyazaki Fit for driver - yes Irons Ap1 with reg Steel/fiber shafts
  11. Brad (Sirduffsalot) California, United States 13.1 Titiest AP1 Fiber Steel Regualar I500
  12. Brad California, USA Titleist 716 15* three wood Diamante red Regular flex Ping seven wood Exotic shaft Regular flex
  13. Thank you for sharing; I am currently working on my body rotation and swing around my spine. My back is acting up right now so I am flipping my hands.
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