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  1. Michael 0.8 FLAGSTAFF, AZ Taylormade TP MB 3-PW
  2. I play 55-70 rounds per year. Currently a 1 Handicap Taylormade Sebring 62 Ghost Tour 34 inch, Super Stroke Mid-Slim grip.
  3. Michael Arizona 2.1 Handicap I'm really not familiar with all Srixon has to offer as far as a equipment, but I love Cleveland wedges. Would determine my needs upon their requests! Thank you!
  4. Michael AZ 2.6 I still pace everything out the old fashion way. Would be nice to try this out!
  5. Michael Flagstaff, AZ. I always ride a cart, but would love to start using this to walk more because I'd like too.
  6. Michael 2.5 Flagstaff, AZ Would love to try these irons as I am using a set of TaylorMade RAC irons from 2005
  7. Michael - Flagstaff, AZ 2.8 HANDICAP I really feel this would help my iron play. I have great distance, getting proper coppression and spin is something I've always wanted more of. This would be an amazing tool for me to practice with!
  8. Michael MacKeigan 2.7 Handicap Flagstaff Arizona Taylormade R11 8.5 Fujikura x-stiff 120 Mph
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