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  1. I just bought a new putter. One I laughed at when I walked in. Odyssey Triple Track. I hate gimmicks and thought very little of the latest one from Callaway (Triple Track balls and putters). I still refuse to use the balls as I don’t use a lineup line. The putter is in my bag for the foreseeable future. I hate the red and blue stripes. I hate the micro hinges in the insert. The bottom looks dumb. And STILL, with all that hate, the putter works. Freakishly well. I bought the Triple Track double wide flow with the midsized grip. The looks still have not grown on me, but the putter fla
  2. I have gone through 4 out of 5 dozen of these balls. I love the feel and performance. The color is awesome too. Really bright yellow. I can see their flight perfectly.
  3. I have this exact cart as does my dad. We both love them. I literally ran mine over in my truck. Still works. I wouldn’t recommend doing that though. But I highly recommend the push cart. It has helped me stay healthier now that I am walking and flailing my arms at the same time instead of driving.
  4. I ordered the kit and assembled this myself. Just the basic kit with the TT Score shaft. I wanted this to match the weight of my iron shafts. It feels like a...shaft. Feels like the TT DG 115 shafts. Swing weight feels great. On to the good stuff. I bought this because I like the look of a rounded leading edge on a wedge, and this suits my eye perfect. I have used it in practice sessions and 2 rounds so far, and love the look and feel. It seems to perform just as good on long and short approach shots. I haven’t measured it, but the ball stopped as well or better than my ping glide 2.
  5. Mark in Elkwood, VA I practice putting about 2-3 times a week indoors, about 30 minutes each time. Average of 2.3 3-putts per round This lets you practice much more than just a short mat for pace and aim. It adds the fun of a game, and the thoroughness of statistics to practice sessions. I would absolutely love to get my hands on this to see how it helps improve my putting.
  6. Funny you bring this up, that wedge is EXACTLY what I just ordered with the sale of my old wedges. 52* to replace the 50 and 54.
  7. These are 1 year and 2 rounds old. I didn’t play last year after I got these and don’t get along with them well. I never took the driver anywhere but the range. SOLD - Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth wedges 50 and 54* stock shafts, tour velvet grip. SOLD - King F8 driver, Nardo Grey, 10.5 * head only, with headcover.
  8. I have a next to new Cobra king F8 10.5* driver head I would trade for the Bridgestone. I can provide pics if you are interested. It is the “Nardo Grey” finish.
  9. Dang, I have 50* 54* and 58*, 50 and 54 are ping glide 2 stealth, 58 is Callaway PM grind 2 in black, all next to new. You probably don’t want those lofts though. Funny I went on here to sell these and yours was the first post.
  10. Mark from Virginia. 17 handicap I currently game a Ping G hybrid. I am not a fan of offset hybrids, and I want to be able to cut it to take distance off.
  11. Totally agree. I love club tinkering, regripping included, along with paint fill, new shafts, all of it is fun. HATE trying to save grips. I will just buy new ones. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I probably should try to save mine because I go through putters like I go through underwear (once a month whether I need to or not). I had a pro shop try to remove a putter grip once, but it felt lumpy on my new club, probably from old tape, and I never wanted to risk that happening again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Tier 1: Justin Thomas Tier 2: Tony Finau Tier 3: Daniel Berger Tier 4: Jimmy Walker Tier 5: Padraig Harrington Winning Score: -17
  14. Mark in Virginia Ping G 9* Alta stiff 105-108 mph 9.5* Tensei Orange Stiff
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