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  1. I just bought a new putter. One I laughed at when I walked in. Odyssey Triple Track. I hate gimmicks and thought very little of the latest one from Callaway (Triple Track balls and putters). I still refuse to use the balls as I don’t use a lineup line. The putter is in my bag for the foreseeable future. I hate the red and blue stripes. I hate the micro hinges in the insert. The bottom looks dumb. And STILL, with all that hate, the putter works. Freakishly well. I bought the Triple Track double wide flow with the midsized grip. The looks still have not grown on me, but the putter fla
  2. I have gone through 4 out of 5 dozen of these balls. I love the feel and performance. The color is awesome too. Really bright yellow. I can see their flight perfectly.
  3. I have this exact cart as does my dad. We both love them. I literally ran mine over in my truck. Still works. I wouldn’t recommend doing that though. But I highly recommend the push cart. It has helped me stay healthier now that I am walking and flailing my arms at the same time instead of driving.
  4. I ordered the kit and assembled this myself. Just the basic kit with the TT Score shaft. I wanted this to match the weight of my iron shafts. It feels like a...shaft. Feels like the TT DG 115 shafts. Swing weight feels great. On to the good stuff. I bought this because I like the look of a rounded leading edge on a wedge, and this suits my eye perfect. I have used it in practice sessions and 2 rounds so far, and love the look and feel. It seems to perform just as good on long and short approach shots. I haven’t measured it, but the ball stopped as well or better than my ping glide 2.
  5. Mark in Elkwood, VA I practice putting about 2-3 times a week indoors, about 30 minutes each time. Average of 2.3 3-putts per round This lets you practice much more than just a short mat for pace and aim. It adds the fun of a game, and the thoroughness of statistics to practice sessions. I would absolutely love to get my hands on this to see how it helps improve my putting.
  6. Funny you bring this up, that wedge is EXACTLY what I just ordered with the sale of my old wedges. 52* to replace the 50 and 54.
  7. These are 1 year and 2 rounds old. I didn’t play last year after I got these and don’t get along with them well. I never took the driver anywhere but the range. SOLD - Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth wedges 50 and 54* stock shafts, tour velvet grip. SOLD - King F8 driver, Nardo Grey, 10.5 * head only, with headcover.
  8. I have a next to new Cobra king F8 10.5* driver head I would trade for the Bridgestone. I can provide pics if you are interested. It is the “Nardo Grey” finish.
  9. Dang, I have 50* 54* and 58*, 50 and 54 are ping glide 2 stealth, 58 is Callaway PM grind 2 in black, all next to new. You probably don’t want those lofts though. Funny I went on here to sell these and yours was the first post.
  10. Mark from Virginia. 17 handicap I currently game a Ping G hybrid. I am not a fan of offset hybrids, and I want to be able to cut it to take distance off.
  11. Totally agree. I love club tinkering, regripping included, along with paint fill, new shafts, all of it is fun. HATE trying to save grips. I will just buy new ones. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I probably should try to save mine because I go through putters like I go through underwear (once a month whether I need to or not). I had a pro shop try to remove a putter grip once, but it felt lumpy on my new club, probably from old tape, and I never wanted to risk that happening again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Tier 1: Justin Thomas Tier 2: Tony Finau Tier 3: Daniel Berger Tier 4: Jimmy Walker Tier 5: Padraig Harrington Winning Score: -17
  14. Mark in Virginia Ping G 9* Alta stiff 105-108 mph 9.5* Tensei Orange Stiff
  15. My go-to club is my Dynacraft 21* Driving Iron. When all else fails I KNOW that is hitting fairway. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Those look really nice, I am jealous. My wife is getting into knitting now, and is going to start some for me as her next project. They will be basic ones with poms on top, but I can't wait. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. The inconsistency of the spin in my opinion would turn me off to the GI irons. Also, in my opinion, players that come up short should club up and know their distances instead of just buying stronger lofted clubs that are 6 irons with a 7 on the bottom. All my opinion. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. I bought 5 dozen Vice Pro Neon Red. They are perfect for me. I love the feel, spin, and the odd color. Used to use the Vice Pro Flamingo. These balls are durable and in my opinion stack up against all major balls at half the price. Try the sample box, the “selected.” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. EVNROLL ER9 is ALL I am thinking about right now. That is all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. In general, I would say the “tech” or “putter” category. I would seriously consider donating a part of me to test the ER-9 putter from EVNROLL. Also on my list would be the Rogue 3W. That's about it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Mark Crossfield talks about this MANY times on YouTube. In his opinion, “forgiveness” is never something that can be measured as strike conditions vary wildly with amateurs. He can't really see the difference in forgiveness either, when he plays GI irons. What he DOES see is a drop in spin, to the point that fliers fly way to far to the point of being uncontrollable with GI irons. But players irons are more consistent in distance even with amateurs. Personally, I own a set of Mizuno MP5's and play just as well, if not better, than when I had JPX-EZ, original M2, or others. It all
  22. Here are the new ones I ordered and built yesterday with my kids. They like to help cut the shafts and spray the grip tape. I ordered a 18* and 21*, with x-stiff shafts that were on sale on hireko. My old one was a 21* with FST 115 stiff shaft. I used shorter ferrules to help them look a little understated. The shafts were Matrix hybrid shafts, right around 88 grams, and the grips were Lamkin z5 tour taper. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. It is literally called the Dynacraft Driving Iron. There is only one model of it that I know of. Pics of my new ones posting now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. I want to start this off by saying that I am USUALLY a hybrid player. I never could find a utility iron that I could hit better than my hybrids. The problem I had with hybrids was high launch and the bulge and roll would sometimes make my misses far worse than normal. I just couldn't find an iron that could compete with my less than consistent striking. Then an I took a chance on a Dynacraft Driving Iron over a year ago. I had wanted to try something different, but all the major brands had irons that didn't work for me. So I bought an assembled Dynacraft Driving Iron for about $35 from Hi
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