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  1. Robert Hawaii Handicap: 13.8 Have you ever used a putting training device before: No ... Use the GRAVES stick for straightline putts Would like the chance to rate this ...
  2. Robert Hawaii 60 HDCP: 15 Set: Hogan Apex Pro Graphite 4 PW-4 Driver: Cobra LTD
  3. Whew ... Took awhile to add myself, but want to be a part of this evaluation in sunny Hawaii ... Do a lot of walking on the Army military course - Leilehua GC. Aloha
  4. I too have been using the SPS with the online Graves Institute who has had close ties with the Canadian golfer - Moe Norman. There are other instructors as well out there, but the Graves' brothers break it down so well ... Yeah you can spend a lot but even with a limited budget this online SPS makes golf fun and less effort. The old Ben Hogan book is still a fave to go back to reference as well. You can drop 10+ strokes. I am still wanting to improve, not to be on a Senior Circuit but more than just social bogey golf. Recently my "aha" moment has been happening recently with better GIR stats
  5. Lots of helpful information. Looking forward to meeting the Hawaii contingency.
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