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  1. 45 year old scratch golfer—driver clubhead speed 110-114 ball speed 158-169 average 8 iron 158 carry Driver: Ping G400 9 degree stock Alta 55 stiff shaft—I have a +4 degree impact angle so I need a higher spinning shaft. I play a high push draw(can sometimes be a big draw) 3wood: Titleist 915F 15 degree Evenflow stiff shaft—I can hit this within 10 yards of my driver with a low bullet running shot. 7 wood: Titleist 915F 21 degree stock stiff shaft— I fluctuate between carrying a Ping G400 crossover 3 iron and this 7 wood. The 7 wood is easier from rough, but I prefer the 3 iron
  2. How long have you been playing golf? I have been playing since I was 10 years old, that is 35 years of golf. What’s your handicap or normal score? My current handicap is a 0.8, but I fluctuate between a +1 and 2 handicap depending on how much time I practice my short game versus how much time I put into hitting the ball further. What do you love about golf? Everything. I love waking up early and walking 18 holes of dew ridden fairways. I love tournaments and the preparation for them. I love the afternoon get in a few holes before dark days. I love equipment, I change my clubs at
  3. 1. Michael Hathorn-Vermont, but my USGA GHIN is in New Hampshire 2. Currently a 2 handicap, but it fluctuates between a +1 and a 3 3. I have always carried a 21 degree, currently I am playing the Hogan Fort Worth irons with Steel Fiber 110 shafts and I love them. My set goes from 60-25 and I am looking for a good long iron to fit the set. 4. I play competitively and coach a high school golf team and coached the VT state all star Julian Cup team from 2007-2014
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