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  1. In my opinion the ultimate goal of the manufacturers with Loft Jacking is reducing the amount of clubs in a "standard" set and selling more individual clubs. Right now the sets are stopping at 4 iron but more and more reducing that to 5 iron or even some 6 irons. After that some driving irons and hybrids witch cost over 200 usd. On the short side of the bag, Right now with PW going down to 45 and 44 degrees, you need another specialty wedge after the GAP witch coincidentally also cost more than the "set" clubs. Anyone else also thinks this is happening? Why haven't any one in the industry spoken about this?
  2. Good afternoon, I have been following the page for some time and have just joined the forum. Current lineup: D: 915 D2 10.5* 3W: 915 F Hyb: cobra baffler 21* Irons: 3-pw (no 4 iron) Mizuno MPH-5 Wedges: 50*, 54* and 60* Taylor ATV Putter: SC Laguna 1.5 / Taylor Montecarlo
  3. Ricardo Handicap: 7.1 Longest Iron: 21* 3 iron converted to 4. Bent 2 degrees weak, lie angle 2.5 degrees flat and 0.5" short.
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