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  1. i guess i'm sort of biased on this --- i've only had Arccos, and i got it almost 2 years ago. The data analytics are awesome, stats are awesome, the strokes gained thing is awesome. I'm just really impressed with the whole package. And i know it's got its shortcomings, especially on shot detection in sand traps and putting. But outside of having my own caddie keep up with that stuff for me, i'm fine with it. i'm a single-digit handicapper, and the highest praise i can give it is when i go on golf trips to strange courses and i completely rely on the caddie function to tell me what's best for me in the situation. I haven't really thought about any of the others because from what i've read the others don't seem to have the analytical features of Arccos.
  2. well, I for one like the Titleist TruFeel balls. I like the Titleist Pro VI's off my driver (when new), but man, those things wear out way too fast. And once they wear out, for my swing I see a serious loss in distance off of driver (i'm typically around 100 mph on driver, and i think i probably back off of top speed on all my irons for the sake of contact). On top of that, i have a hard time predicting just how much i'm going to spin it. I'm very capable of hitting "drop and stop" chip shots, and they're fun to hit, but RARELY is that shot ever a necessity. But with distance approaches, i'm just not good enough to be so consistent not to accidentally hit a big-time spinner that backs up off the green (and i'm about a 2 handicap). The TruFeel ball doesn't spin as much, but that's perfect for me. It seems to "spring" off my irons giving me about a half-club more distance (but it's slightly shorter than the Pro V's when i hit them good with driver, if they're new with slick covers). I think Tony at MGS hit on something about the covers being a little firmer, with softer cores, on those non-urethane balls. They certainly work for my swing, they're cheaper, and they're WAY tougher. I've been playing the same ball now for about 4 or 5 rounds, and it's still performing like it did when it was new.
  3. Chris, Roaring River I'll be using the iPhone X I primarily hit balls at an outdoor driving range, but i have access to a net also I would LOVE to give this thing a try!
  4. First name: Chris City/State: Elkin, North Carolina I am right-handed I would like to test the UiHi 18* Driving Iron in KBS Tour V Stiff My backup would be the 3 wood 14* MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram X-Stiff My handicap is 4.1 I currently play the Ping G400 Crossover in long irons (19*) I would absolutely love to try these out, thanks for the opportunity!
  5. OK, i'd like to throw my hat in the ring: Name & State: Chris, NC Current handicap: 5.6 Current golf ball: Bridgestone E6 Speed (i've played e7's in the past, and moved on to the e6 speed when it was introduced) What i'm looking for: While i probably swing the club faster than most (about 100 mph with driver), i play with plenty of folks that hit it harder. I'm looking for extra ball speed to squeeze out those few extra yards off the tee. thanks again for having such a wonderful and educational site - i've been taking advice from you guys ever since you had driver tests that introduced me to the Powerbilt Air Force One!
  6. I'd love to test them out. I'm a 4 handicap, played with Pings all my life (currently swing S59's) Chris Roaring River, NC
  7. Name: Chris State: North Carolina Current handicap: 3.6 I'm comfortable hitting a 3-iron off the ground, and a 2-iron off a tee. I need to check those Hogans out! Ben Hogan is a favorite of mine, and I hope the new company licensing his name does him justice!
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