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  1. Chris, Roaring River I'll be using the iPhone X I primarily hit balls at an outdoor driving range, but i have access to a net also I would LOVE to give this thing a try!
  2. First name: Chris City/State: Elkin, North Carolina I am right-handed I would like to test the UiHi 18* Driving Iron in KBS Tour V Stiff My backup would be the 3 wood 14* MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram X-Stiff My handicap is 4.1 I currently play the Ping G400 Crossover in long irons (19*) I would absolutely love to try these out, thanks for the opportunity!
  3. OK, i'd like to throw my hat in the ring: Name & State: Chris, NC Current handicap: 5.6 Current golf ball: Bridgestone E6 Speed (i've played e7's in the past, and moved on to the e6 speed when it was introduced) What i'm looking for: While i probably swing the club faster than most (about 100 mph with driver), i play with plenty of folks that hit it harder. I'm looking for extra ball speed to squeeze out those few extra yards off the tee. thanks again for having such a wonderful and educational site - i've been taking advice from you guys ever since you had
  4. I'd love to test them out. I'm a 4 handicap, played with Pings all my life (currently swing S59's) Chris Roaring River, NC
  5. Name: Chris State: North Carolina Current handicap: 3.6 I'm comfortable hitting a 3-iron off the ground, and a 2-iron off a tee. I need to check those Hogans out! Ben Hogan is a favorite of mine, and I hope the new company licensing his name does him justice!
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