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  1. Barry from Doylestown, PA Currently use GolfLogix GPS app on my phone. Would love to have something that gives me exact yardage to the pin.
  2. Barry Schwartz Pennsylvania 14 Hogan Apex Plus E 46 Nike Victory 52 Vokay SM5 58
  3. Barry Pennsylvania 14 This looks like an awesome RF. I currently use an app (Golf Logix) for distances, but definitely see the advantage of being able to laser in the exact distance to the pin. I would love to try this out.
  4. Barry - Doylestown, PA 13 Handicap Currently playing Hogan Apex Plus irons with Apex 4 shafts. I would love to hit these new beautiful irons. Science behind the clubs seems sound, but the proof is in the pudding, as they say.
  5. Barry - PA Handicap - 13 Currently playing Hogen Apex Plus irons - 3-E I've had these irons since 2001 and love them. The feel, the consistency, the workability is awesome. I've retired the 1 iron from the set but can still hit it if needed. I would love to test these beautiful new irons as I've started to look at what will replace my Hogans.
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