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  1. Would love to test and review this driver. Greg/Missouri Ping G25 Stiff TFC189 95-100mph / 8.4 Handicap ST 180 9.5/Tensei CK Blue 67g Stiff Thanks for the opportunity!
  2. Thanks for the update. Hopefully someone jumps onboard.
  3. Im so bummed about this. I bought a set of PTX irons last fall, and a TK 50deg wedge. Love the wedge so much I thought that once my new clevland wedges are shot I would go all Hogan. Guess not. It pisses me off that the golf market is all about marketing and not quality. The most innovative and quality clubs dont make it because they company cant compete with the big boys. I gamed Adams forged irons for a long time and was really bummed about what Tmade did to them. Along came Hogan to save the day and now this...
  4. The impact master is a great tool for short game. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_7NGuz7HVoM I am a single digit handicap, with a decent short game, and I found this tool very helpful. A high handicapper would benefit tremendously from this. This is one training aid that will actually lower your score.
  5. I have been researching the sky trak for awhile now. After reading many user reviews im pretty aprehensive about it. From what I gather, the system is somewhat buggy, and customer support is practically non existent. One of my biggest concerns is the stories of having to send the unit off for thousand dollar repairs. Nonetheless I am still interested in the thing. The desire to golf is pretty strong! Anyone here have insight?
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