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  1. Mike Dallas Tx 6.1 #3 iron all day Love the look of these iron's. I actually just won a Ben Hogan 54* wedge at a golf tournament I just attended. Hopefully it will be here any day now. Good luck to all. Cheers
  2. Hello everyone. I've been reading My Golf Spy for several years and have always enjoyed the reviews. I'm very lucky in that I have a wonderful wife of 22 years who allows to play golf a couple of times a week. Just moved to Dallas from Scottsdale Az because of a better job and I am amazed at how much it rains here. I'm a golf golf junkie, I build my own clubs and I'm always buying and selling. I'm a putter guy with probably 50 putters. My favorites are my custom putters by Lamont Mann in Phoenix. Lamont owns and creates MannKrafted Putters which in my opinion are some of the finest putters you can buy anywhere. Soon I'll get some of them posted. Thanks and play well
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